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  1. The green signal presence LED for Channel 2, which used to blink on and off in rhythm with the input level, is now always on. The LED for Channel 1 is functioning as normal. I am using the amp in Bridged Mono with an 8 ohm load. (subwoofer) The amp seems to be functioning normally. I switched to Stereo Mode and tested each channel independently and everything sounds fine. Even in Stereo Mode though, the Green Signal Presence LED for Channel 2 remained lit constantly no matter which channel was in use and no matter what level of input the amp was presented with. Please help....this is driving me crazy. I love this amp and I want it to work correctly.
  2. PS-400 Heat Sink Inserts

    As always...Thank you!
  3. I just bought a PS-400 and there are two pieces of black sheet metal with 4 holes drilled in them slid down between the heat sinks. Should they be there? Does anyone know what they are?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I just found an 8 ohm single coil driver that I like. This will allow me to use the PS-400 in bridged mono.
  5. Is it OK to use a Y connector to send the same signal to both channels of the PS-400, (operating in stereo mode), and connect each of the output channels to the 2 individual 8 ohm voice coils on the same speaker? (assuming correct power requirements)
  6. Am I 'wasting' half of my amplifier by running it in stereo mode and connecting each channel to a voice coil on my duel voice coil driver?
  7. PS400 bridge mode

    Would this also apply to the DC300A-Series II ?
  8. David, this should be an interesting one. Usually folks have the speakers first and they want the amps to conform to the speakers. I have a PS-400 and I am building a DIY Sub Woofer. I am deciding between two drivers... Single Voice Coil - 4 ohm Duel Voice Coil - 8 ohms per coil My questions are, (everything about the drivers being equal except the voice coils): 1. Which driver would you recommend? 2. What amp configuration, (Bridged Mono/Stereo), would you recommend? Thanks for your help.
  9. PS-400 Start-Up Delay

    Thank you David.
  10. Is there any start-up delay on the PS-400 when you first turn it on like there is on the XLS series to avoid thumps?