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  1. amcron microtech 1201 problem!

    thank you so much for that! i reckon the way to go is try a new f100, and if that doesnt work i'll take it to a crown dealer as its starting to get too complicated for me! thank you all again for the info guys!
  2. amcron microtech 1201 problem!

    thanks for the info kip that really helps! i'm going to order up the f100 board, but i have no idea what a bridge rectifier is! does anybody have a picture of one, or could point it out on the picture in my first post? once again thanks for the info & part number!
  3. amcron microtech 1201 problem!

    bump for the monday massive! can anyone help me??
  4. hello all, first time poster & long time crown owner, but this is the first one thats ever died on me after many years of faithful service! the F100 fuse board has a burnt out patch on it and the fuse had also blown! i'm looking around for a new fuseboard but do you think anymore componets could have/likely to have failed to cause this problem. the amp was out on dry hire when it went so no idea what was done to make it fail! grrrrr! here's a picture of the internals to help! edit: here's a picture of the F100 too.......