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  1. Hi, I´m creating a new Patch-Pannel for our I-tech Racks (4xIT4000). I was wondering if I can link the regular Input with the digital AES-Input. So I can use one XLR (110 ohm) cable for both ?!? The I-Tech has the option to select the Input-Mode, but does the other Input cause any proplems even if it isn´t selected, one way or the other ? Next question: I played a bit with the system-architect, but I was not very satisfied with it. Some of the new features are quite cool, like resizing groups of objects, eq-gain to fader otion and the whole outfit, etc... what I am missing is editing a group of amps with just one amp-pannel, not just gain delay etc... I also did not like the new way of adressing objects, espacially if you have groups of amps... what is coming next ? Are you just working on HQ-Net, or will there be new versions of IQ-Wic ? what are the upcoming features ?? Again sorry for my english Greetings Stefan
  2. Hi everybody, ...first of all sorry for my english.... I´ll try my best... I´m working for a company owning I-Tech 4000 Amps in use with JBL Vertec and other brands, before the I-Tech we used CTS3000 Amps. I wrote down the pip usp3 settings and transscribed them to the I-tech amp, but I experienced some gain problems... Question 1 I´m giving full input level right before input clipping-- but after the eq section there is a big loss of gain, the output is very low (espacially in a sub presets)-- the I-Tech has no Output Gain (like USP3), so I tryed using a Hi-Pass Filter to boost the signal, playing with this a while I reconized some assign functions in the object control editor: Channel gain/ Output trim, I couldn´t find thes features in the control panel of the amp ?!?(also not as a slider control) I was thinking of boosting the loss of gain from the eq with the channel gain, is this ok ? what does output trim mean ? Question 2 (we are not using the JBL Presets for the Vertec), I downloaded the JBL presets and wondered why the gain of hi- and lo-pass filters is reduced so much ? Question 3 when can i get a first version of HQ-Net ? Probably there woun´t be all the features of IQ-Wic included ?!? I´m reading this forum quite a while, and it helped my solving some problems, ... thanks so far..... stefan