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  1. USM-810 dropping audio?

    I don't think both drop audio at the same time. I think sometimes it is one and sometimes the other. That makes troubleshooting a little harder because then I loose audio in slightly different places. In IQ for Windows when I move the mouse over the USM-810 icon it says V1.10. But, when I double-click on the icon and get into the screen that should display the control and sharc versions, they are empty. The sticker on the back of the boxes say USM 1.100 Thanks.
  2. I have 2 USM-810's that I run a bunch of audio through to delay it and keep it matched up in places where the video gets delayed. It's my multichannel lipsyc cop, plus a little mild compression. We have a problem occasionally, maybe every few weeks sometimes more, where audio will drop out for 15 to 30 seconds. I haven't exactly pinned the problem on the USM-810's, but I don't see how the other remaining candidates could drop audio and ever come back on their own. Intermittent problems are hard to troubleshoot. Has anyone ever had simmilar problems with these? Or, know of any known issues?