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  1. PB-2

    Thanks for the reply Lou, Yea, I did check the pots, solder joints, bias circuit parts, etc, (all the normal stuff). I did notice that the +VCC went up to 91 volts upon power-up and the -VCC went to -2v (referenced to chassis) ....Compared with +/-50 on the good side. That's why I posted looking for the real schematic. After looking at the correct schematic for this mainboard & amp combo, which is Crown Drawing # J0697-3 (thanks to Crown Tech support), I found Q216 (pre-driver) shorted in the "low side"... Replaced it and all is well.
  2. PB-2

    Working on Crown Powerbase-2 with Main Board # Q43059-7 / D-7993-5 and Output Board # Q43203-1 / P10397-1... Low high side bias with no adjustment possible... No obvious output transistor issues... Need real schematic for this combo of mainboard and output board - the pdf on web site is for an older mainboard. Thanks in advance.