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  1. Itech 4000 problems

    well my amp has no presets at all ... and i don't know how to "recall a preset that is not being used" cand u please teach me ... thank you Stefan DAN
  2. Hi I'm Stefan from Romania and I have a BIG problem with my gear (please excuse english is not extraordinary) I just bought a ITech 4000 and a couple of JBL SRX715+SRX718s and i don't know how to set them up. The amp delivers something like 200-300w when is at 95% . I linked the Itech to my laptop (after a couple of hours of pure pain ) but i don't know what to change in order to make my Itech to work in its normal parameters. best regards P.S. ( the person that bought this gear for me told me that the Itech 4000 that tested in the shop had the same problem and the guy at the store made it work after talking with someone from CROWN )