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  1. The flex bar is supposed to have an insulating sleeve around it. This was added to the design in 1994 as the vibration of the flex bar against the vents on the back panel will eventually wear through the capton and short the bars to the chassis.
  2. CT 400SD

    The SD was an amplifier was shipped preconfigured for Disney. SD= Special Disney"
  3. D-75 factory mod for bridged operation

    Good afternoon. To switch this to bridge-mono, remove the bottom cover. There is a 3-pin header on the main board with a slide on jumper across two pins. Move the jumper to the other side of the header, the amp will be in bridge-mono. The board is screen printed mono on one side and dual on the other.
  4. CE200 Fan Question

    These fans are temperature controlled and should only come on when the amp is warm. There is not a jumper for the fan Z100 and Z200 are for changing the gain structure.
  5. Crown Micro Tech 2400

    If the hi-side bias transistor was shorted, you should also check the Pre-drivers , Q317 and Q319 as well as the current limiters Q107 and Q108. If these are all good, check the 100 ohm resistors in the channel 1 ODEP Circuit , R125, R126, R135, and R137.
  6. The RSVP requires both an on switch and an off switch. When the On momentary switch is triggered then 24VDC is sent out to the amplifier to turn on the amplifier. The 24VDC remains on until the off momentary switch is activated witch shuts off the 24VDC.
  7. oc 150

    Cronie, The service bulletin from 1975 was to cut the trace shown and add a 100ohm resistor. These are no longer serviced at Crown and unless you are in the Elkhart area I would not send it to AE Techron. Crown stopped bringing these in for service around 1992 when the supply of meter movements was used up at the factory. The meters have become very fragile and shipping these units was starting to cause the meters to break. If you have a unit that needs repair, I would take it to someone more local as parts are very limited and shipping the unit might create problems that were not there before. local Service centers
  8. Ma 1202 and 2402

    Martin, Yes you can mix these amplifiers. The power levels are the same and the only noticeable difference will be the PIP card connection inside the amplifier.
  9. Paul, If you reload preset 1 (DSP off), the amplifier will be rest to factory defaults.
  10. CE4000 Heavy Current Draw

    Good Afternoon, There might be a couple of issues going on in the amp. There might leaky capacitance in the brown out circuit. Try checking C49 and C72. The current draw might be a little more difficult. You can check and see if the slugs in the output tuning coils have dropped out or vibrated all the way down the coil. These are 200k and 250K notch filters and if these are out the Underlap and Overlap adjustments will be out of line and the amp will draw heavy current.
  11. The uT2020 is the same as a CE2000 with a different front label. The entire CE2000 service manual is available for downloads under discontinued products on the main website.
  12. PS-400 LEDs: two stopped working. ?

    Unfortunately I don't have a magic bullet. Several things could cause the problem. These boards do get warm and the traces are small, you could have a broken solder connection on one of the LED leads. There are also 3.3K resistors in series with thee LEDs that may have failed over time. I would recommend metering out the display board. On the amp with no IOC light at start-up, I would look at resetting the offset as described in the service manual on our discontinued products site. The tolerances may have drifted enough over time to throw this measurement out of spec.
  13. Distorted K1

    Darren, Thanks for posting. Unfortunately this sounds like there may be a power supply going out. Here is the contact information for service in the UK Sound Technology Letchworth Point Dunhams Lane Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire SG6 1ND United Kingdom Ph: +44 (0) 1462 480000
  14. Crown K2 delayed intermittence

    If you AC line voltage is more than 10% high 132VAC, the amplifier will appear to go to sleep. If there are surges, this may be shutting down the amplifier.