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  1. I wrote a test program to send *exactly* the same string you did. The result I see within a few tens of milliseconds is: 4951 0000 0016 0008 0100 0003 00B0 FA64 0001 088A 0108. At the moment, I can't think what might be different in your setup. The only questions I can think to ask are: 1 - your're sending to port 5600, right? 2- your PIP is at IQ address 3, right? 3 - are there any routers/gateways involved, or are you on the same subnet as the PIP? Bill
  2. When you mix sensors and controls in an idGetState request, you will receive two UDP datagrams in response: one with the sensors and one with the controls. Can you try waiting around a bit for a second datagram? Bill