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  1. Repair of CJ2000d

    Hello All, I am repairing a crown amp with shorted output transistors in one ch. I have replaced one in the high side and one in the low side. I checked characteristics with curve tracer to be sure of gain match. Also replacements have same green mark on case and same part number. Is it required to replace all outputs or is this OK? It is not blowing fuses anymore but still in protect mode. It has 100v on speaker output relay. I am having extreme difficulty with documentation. Crown supplies JBL Pro. with crude Photocopy PDF files of engineering diagrams with holes and bad spots that can not be read , instead of service manuals. This is a revision 5 amplifier that was made just a few months ago. It is installed in a JBL Mpro sub cabinet. I see a fair number of older ones of these, but rarely with bad output transistors. At flat rate warranty repair I am losing my shirt....... I cannot locate a manual and the JBL supplied Crown schematic diagrams are NOT readable. This amp is quite different from previous revisions. Paul Beale