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  1. Dear Crown support, We have encountered a serious issue with one of our clients concerning audible interference induced by Blackberry and cellphone use. Specifically, we have hard wired boundry mics picking up GSM/GRPS pulses (we all know of that sound by now). At this point in our research, we are contacting our vendors to explore their research into the issue. We met with many of them during InfoComm in Orlando this summer and have noticed most are jumping on the bandwagon to eliminate this type of RF interference. Has Crown developed any boundry mics (and tested) that are guaranteed to be "Blackberry Proof"? We plan on testing the neutrik RF shielded XLRs this week with MB-3s to see if they make any difference at all, but we're also still leaning towards (and hoping) to find a boundry mic that is designed and tested to eliminate the GSM pulse we've all grown to hate in the pro AV world. Thanks, Collin Harwell Service Technician