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  1. crown amps

    Dglass, I am using a technics su-a4 preamp. about 24 years old but damm good, how would i find the out put line level on this preamp
  2. crown amps

    Hello , my name is gene and I am new to crown forums. my question is what crown amp would have the best sound for my home .I have JBL speakers L250 and I have a custom set . 4 way system- 2245h 18 inch woofer, 2202h mid bass, 2425h with 2344a biradial horn, 2404 horn tweeter. I have a nakamichi pa-7 amp, which I am thinking to biamp my speakers and run the nak to the mids and hi and run a crown k2 to the 18. but does crown make an amp that sound that good i dont have to do this . I think crown is doing something right,they been out here for a long time.I hear a lot about bryston amp and that they have pro amps as well. but the name crown speaks for it self. I personally havent heard the k2 but I heard a lot of good things. I also belive when it comes to the home hi end audio world of amps crown amps get black balled out of the picture. I dont mean to step on any one toes or tick some one off but that it what I belive.... More info speakers are rated 95 db at 1 watt. 600 watt -rms- x overs are passive. I do have a dc 300, not enough power but sound great