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  1. NP Not familiar with the term DRPA. Please explain. Also, will look into your previous recommendations and trade/sell the XTIs/QSC for a preferred sub amp.
  2. Hey Dakos, Thx for the response. I currently have 2 XTI 4000, 1 QSC 3602. After reading thru a few posts, I sense you are not a fan of the XTI series. For processing, I will use either the internal DSP via Band Manager/System Architect or a Driverack PA. RV
  3. What is the best amp(s) to drive (4) JBL MRX518s? The goal is to keep it light as possible, least amount of physical amps to carry around (I am mobile DJ). Pros and cons for (1) amp, (2) subs / channel, (2) amps, (1) sub on each channel. Thx!