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  1. I have several Xti's and after having the very capable Crown service center check out a coule amps ( and replace a front panel cable) I have had no issues. recently ran an all day outdoor event with 10 bands in 95 degree heat and not a probem. I use an Xti4K bridged mode for each Srx725 main, L & R. Used another one stereo mode for L & R side fills. Am very pleased as well on the turn aroud time provided by Crown to get my amps back to me in 2 weeks time when I had to have them for this event. As with any new advanced featured product, there will be bugs to work out in the field....the difference is how does the manufacturer handle the probems Crown wins hands down for me on that requirement alone! G.Green
  2. Xti4000 input connections

    Yes....works great, Its just like having an input "Y" cable with a male and female end.
  3. Xti4000 input connections

    Very good.... another "feature" of a well engineered amp
  4. Since I don't have the schematics for this amp....I have to ask a simple question. Are the "in" and "link/out" connectors on a channel just wired in parallel? Want to only use the 'link/out' as the input . Not enough sends on the snake and would rather not make adapters if I don't have to. ......thanks
  5. Which XTi amp for JBL subs

    I also have been testing using my 4000 for running 2 -18" subs ( total 3 ohms) . After testing single channel to each and then bridged mono to both, I am changing my strategy and will use the Xti for monitors instead. The non Crown 2500w amp I currently use for bridged mono seems to noticibly handle the low end requirement better. I though the use of the 'sub synth' would help but it acts very inconsistant for lowend content. Perhaps thats how all of the synth processing works. This is the first one I've tried. So, I'm going with the example of a production company and use these to bi-amp Jbl monitors and be happy with the eq and crossover functionality.....oh yea.....the weight benefit as well
  6. Have you looked at the Ubox unit? Hal _________________________________________ No, I hadn't seen these. It probably would work ok, but has a UTP uplink connection which I wanted to keep from having to do. This would be for FOH use ( poor mans HiQnet)and wireless would save me having to string a cat 5 cable out. Suppose could put the Ubox on wireless router, but then it would start turning into a cludge job ...Greg
  7. [ I would be interested in hearing how the wireless USB hub(s) are working for the XTi application. That is an idea that I have been toying around with for a while. Ted 4024[/snapback] Belkin was supposed to by now released their "cableless usb hub" but seems delayed until Sept timeframe. ( had some chip manufacturer issues). Not sure of other supplier of a hub like this....
  8. From the little testing I've done with the beta version of system architect for the Xti, it will provide almost all the same eq, limiting, delay, crossover points I now have to do with my dcx2496. The graphic interface is very nice and allow saving presets for recalling for specific venue setups. I'm going to check on the new wireless usb hubs to see if I can get some "remote control" function as well via laptop....