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  1. I have purchase 30 unit of xti 4000 for 2 year . it have problem follow this. conditon all DSP of and default setting 1 no sound out put but led level show signal . 2 sound coming and no sound for along time 3 no sound need to repower on 4 power on and front display has stobe light and no sound 5 power of it self 6 no sound in low level input signal ( this very boring ) this cause alot of problem for my event , concert , show. any suggestion thank . ps I sent amp to service center but they do noting and siad amp is nomal ,I don't khow they know ribon problem or not but i guest it the major problem ,I want to do it my seft but worry about warranty . the dealer here name mahajak thailand .
  2. never mind thank you for fast support and suggestion Thank alot DGlass Crown never disappoint me ,your guy are doing a great .good job ps next model should have reset swith in the back for emergency case like me
  3. Oh my,so there no way to unlock hardlock without PC !!! tomorow I have some show but my staff don't bring PC with them ,oh this gonna kill me . couse the last show I setup system and lock it !!! any suggestion please tell me coz I the show very far and no PC or internet over there Thank
  4. How to unlock front panel of XTI 4000 with out using computer For emergency case.. Thank
  5. almost 4 week to make up my mind to buy new XTI , as last tropic I asked about K2 Vs xti 4000 ,I own 30 unit of k2 and I feel it time to replace to XTI 4000, It should give more power and more light weight compare tok2 by spec. I see a lot of advantage of xti but I still worry about watt and tight punch . , if amyone can comfirm that Xti 4000 can give the same tight puch as k2 . I will make agreement to sell all k2 and buy new xti 4000 next week. I ever disapoint about the spec on XLS 602 , as spec watt on XLS 602 alomost same as k2 but in the real they con't compare .the 602 have no punch and low power . as CSL 800 vs ma 1200 , the spec on csl 800 better than ma 1200 but the sound of ma 1200 is better than csl 800 especially punch ,so I'm very worry about this point. anyone please suggest this point. thank benz sound system thailand
  6. XTI Vs K2

    For my reason is ,I think xti will more coolest than k2 and give more power than k2 and ligth weigth , by the way I think k2 still be top of the line so it make me very difficult to make decition , anyone has any idea plese suggest this point . thank
  7. XTI Vs K2

    Now I using 30 unit of k2 I have plan to change all to XTI 4000 ,I'm worry about the sound quality , speaker safe (K2 i class nerver burn any drivers unit compare to MA series) finally the current it take cause I don't need to re design my Main AC incase of it take to much current . anyone please suggest I should or should't to replace all 30 k2 Thank