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  1. xti4000 cutting out

    i have the same problem on my XTi 2000.. It's so strange. and incredibly annoying I'd love to do a firmware upgrade to see if it goes away, but the only firmware I can find is a .s file in the hiqnet system architect file and the CLoader app doesn't let me use that file to update my firmware. As a side note, I don't understand why I have to go to HARMAN'S website to get CROWN firmware for my CROWN product. 5697[/snapback] Because CROWN is part of the HARMON family, ie HARMON owns CROWN
  2. Ma 3600 issue

    Have a chance to purchase a ma 3600 that is dead. was driving (2) double 18 subs per channel, 2ohms For two years. owner said it powers up but no output from either channel??? Is this worth looking in to??
  3. system building

    Hi, I'm in the process of putting together a new dj rig. i purchased some P.A.S. FT2.2 Mains, And (2) P.A.S MF 218 Sub Cabs. Looking for Crown power,thinking XTI's (weight is a consideratiom) The Mains MUST be bi-amped, Horns @100 watts apiece Mids (15') At 500 watts a piece. Subs @1000 watts apiece(per cab) I play alot of hip hop, dance, rock. I'm going for the mobile club experience any suggestions??? thanks in advance!
  4. Daisy Chain Amps

    You Could Very Easily Make One From Some Supplies From Your Local Music Store, And A Soldering Iron. Or have Them Make One For You
  5. Power Ratings

    I Would Have A Hard Time Believing An I-Tech Would Push Full Power From A 15 Amp Circuit....Those Pro Level Amps Are Designed To Be Used On 220 Systems, Where They Seldom Have To Worry About Not Having Enough Current To Function At There Best....I Have A 5002 Vz That Needs Its Own 20 Amp Circuit.