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  1. XTi "Protect - Thermal?"

    Everything is plugged in, and I figured it out. the 3rd prong; the ground prong on the 3 prong cable, needs to be firmly "forced" into the outlet . the plug must be on a for lack of better words "air tight" flush 90 degrees into the ground socket. If its not grounded the amp will no turn on . headed in leu of reading the warning sticker on the cable itself . and after 3 shimmys of the actualy cord itself. Huh? I know it sounds stupid to ask this but your last comment doesn't make much sense. Is the AC plugged into the wall? Or is it the AC is plugged in but the speakers and input aren't? 3956[/snapback]
  2. XTi "Protect - Thermal?"

    yeah no everythings hooked up correctly.. but heres food for thought , I jut plugged the amp in no wires connected into my wall.. now it doesnt turn on . :-D
  3. well I jut bought an Xti 1000 to power in bridged mono a pair of JBL Jrx 115 500 watt speakers the sales rep said but using the paralell ports on the speakers its a perfect match . I first setup the amp at my house to run in bridged mode using the LED display menu the amp worked fine . Then I inserted the amp into our rackspace , plugged in the inputs and tested the wiring, the level meters moved and the amp works Plugged in my Banana cable - to neutrik speakon running into the speakers hooked up in paralell and the amp clicks on and clicks off. whats up with this ?