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  1. Problem JBL PRX535

    So are you saying that if I purchase the PRX series I am not really getting a genuine JBL / Crown combination? I ask this because the JBL PRX literature clearly states "........... driven by a Crown International Class-D digital power amplifier."
  2. Hi David, Thanks for the reply. You're correct. I intend to set-up in my utility room and blast out some CDs. The room is only about 600 sq feet with an 8'6" ceiling. Hence my view that either set-up will have enough power. Based on you're advice, I will seek out a deal on an XTi4000 and save a few bucks in the process. Thanks again, Daniel
  3. Hi David, Thanks for that insight as to what's happening when bridged mono is engaged. Based on this concept, would I better to power a pair of JBL MRX525 (4 ohm, 800w cont. / 1600 prog.) cabs with a pair of XTi 1000 in BM at 1400w each side or a single XTi 4000 at 1200w per channel? Please note that my main concern is sound quality and clarity. I doubt either set-up will run out of breath in my small, acoustically "bright" listening space. Please advise your thoughts, thanks. Regards, Daniel
  4. Power Ratings

    I intend to purchase an amplifier and speakers in the near future and am considering an I-Tech 8000 for it's output power and very high damping factor. I'm just curious how Crown manages to achieve 7000 watts output (4ohm mono) through a single 15 Amp power cord input. My math indicates about 1800 watts maximum (at 120v, 15A) and that's assuming 100% efficiency. Can anyone help, please?