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  1. XTi1000 volume changes

    Same kind of problems with an XTI1000 I first noticed something was wrong when playing recorded music, sudden drops in volume, this was in bridge mode. Changed to stereo and found that slight tapping the knobs would provoke these drops, also fidling with the cable comming from channel two I would be able to get a lot of sound from channel one even with its volume-knob turned down. Now that I think about it, it has never been totaly quiet with the volume knobs turned down, in bridge mode that is. Guess I'll have to find the nearest service center for a fix, from looking at some of the posts here probably a ribbon cable. Not a uncommon problem with amps from my experience, I know Mackie has had ribbon cable problems with their M1400 amps in the past. Maybe a hint for amp-designers all over the world ..... use better ribbon cables, can't be that expensive. Having said that, appart from this problem I face right now, I do like the amp and hope to be able to use it for a long time after the fix.
  2. crown xti

    I have a XTI-1000 for my bass-guitar rig. No problems at all. I'm still thinking if I should upgrade the architect software or just leave it like it is now.
  3. Crown Xti-1000

    That's one of the reasons why I use it as an amplifier for my bass-guitar rig
  4. low voltage

    Thanks ! That's the reassurance I wanted to hear !
  5. Last night during a gig I experienced a drop in volume of my XTI-1000. Looking at the powerconditioner I saw that there was a line-voltage of 180-185 Volt instead of the 230 Volt it should be in the Netherlands. Later on when there was 200 Volts I had no problems with my volume and the amp worked perfectly. Now, for my question. Can a low line voltage damage my amp or is there a protection built in to prevent this ?
  6. bridged mono mode

    Thanks a lot ! I figured it out more or less allready, but it's nice to have confirmation. It's a great feature to have in an amp.
  7. bridged mono mode

    Thanks, Yeshuainc. I've removed these yesterday. But as you can see, it is possible to connect from the top. I've also played around with the amp a bit and find that if I set my pre-amp in it's bi-amp mode I can control the lower frequencies with the channel 1 level control and the higher with the channel 2 level control. I also read on page 23 of the manual that in Bridge mode both channels'input signals are mono-summed and sent to both channels' output. I'm starting to guess that there are simply several ways to set up the amp, even in bridged mode. This is more then I had with my old amp, but I'm sure I'll figure out the best way to set it up soon enough.
  8. bridged mono mode

    Hello Bud, I think I had the amp set up correctly. In the first picture you can see it's in bridged mode, with the ch1, Y, limit and brg icon's lit and it say's bridged in the display. The output connections are straightforward as shown in these pictures. For the input I tried three different way's. 1) Only channel 1's input is connected, channel 1 level control is functional. 2) Only channel 2's input is connected, channel 2 level control is functional. 3) Both input channels are connected, both are functional. In my view it doesn't matter wich input you use in bridged mode. The amp works either way, but is louder when both channels are used. I just don't understand why. Funny that entering my name in a post gives a "beep", okay when you look at the part that has been beeped in dutch it means prostitute, but this is quite extreme for a spell check to find this offensive. I even had to create a new photobucket-account in order to show the pictures ! LOL
  9. Yesterday my XTI-1000 came, so I tried it imediately. Great sound, lots of power. Strange thing though. I have the amp in bridge mode, a banana-plug connected across the middle red outputs, and an input wire from my stereo pre-amp to both the channel 1 input and the channel 2 input. Now it says in the manual that only channel 1's level control is functional and the ch1 icon is the only one that is lit. However, I found that both channels recieve the signal comming from my pre-amp and both influence volume. Even so that when I use just one level control the volume is lower than when I use both. The amp's level controls control the level for the channel in wich the signal is comming in. Wierd or a mistake ? Anyway, it may be usefull for me. My pre-amp is capable of bi-amping and I might be able to control the response of my bass-sound more precise now. Have to do a bit more experimenting on this.

    I must agree. It's not a good thing that this software is still not finished. What's the deal here ?
  11. This does make things a whole lot clearer, thanks. @ yeshuainc, I did look through several posts however I just couldn't make heads or tails from the answers. Probably my limited understanding of these matters, but as I've allways learned, if you don't understand the answer, just ask the question again until you do.
  12. I'm sure for most of you on this forum it's all crystal clear, but reading through the manual of my new Xti-1000 amp (in advance, the amp is on order) I understand that with the DSP-settings only the last changes will be remembered if made via the front pannel. This would mean that trying to make several customized settings this way is pointless cause there's no way of saving them on the amp. Unless, you make the changes using software that is supposed to come out this month. Am I right so far ? Now the confusing part. This software, is this something to install on my computer to then controll the settings using an USB-cable to connect to the amp or is there more involved ? And the second question, if I make changes with this software, can I save these (multiple) settings on the amp so that I can choose from the customized settings on the road without the need of bringing a laptop-computer ? As I said in the title, this is confusing me (just a bit). note after seeing the message : sorry for the beep-word, it's just an expression, not meant to offend anyone.