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  1. Since the very beginning, where I startet using Crown I-Tech amps, i have had a wierd problem with my system architect. When attemting to make a lowpass/hi pass on 48 db/oct the program does not respond (simply displays the filters as bypassed). If I attemt to set the hi/lo pass to 36 db/oct, everything works perfect. What kan cause this problem? I updatet to the latest software on both amps (both updates) and system architect i August 2006
  2. Problems with System Architect 1.10

    I upgraded to the latest firmware/dsp software on the amp, but this problem is in the system architect 1.10, also working offline... it performs perfect at 36 db/oct, but if i want to x-over at 48 db/oct it just shows no activity. It disables the hi/lo cut in the graphics. I still have the old system architect installed on my computer. Maybe this can cause the problem???
  3. Problems with System Architect 1.10

    Off course i meant 48 db/oct. It's hot in here
  4. After upgrading to System Architect 1.10, my I-Tech amps can't hi/lo pass with more then 36 hz. I tried to update the software, but this will not work for me. Any suggestions? Jimi Rosa Denmark www.basicsound.dk