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  1. Hi Jeff. I too have read several threads about the Itech problems, some problems are with ribbon cables and software issues. I have read that there is a "voluntary recall" on the amps that may have the problems, and that Crown will take them back and fix any known problems at their expense. I believe Crown will be able to tell what potential problems there may be by the date code or serial number on the back of the amp. I had a fleet of Macrotechs that were very reliable, I never had one go down on me. I am considering making the move to Itechs, but like you, I have just enough amps on a gig to do the show and an amp failure can really mess things up on a corporate gig. I am still currently hunting down more info on the matter and looking for comfort.
  2. The future of the Crown Macro-Tech Line?

    I actually asked someone at Crown when they were discontinuing the MacroTechs when I was inquiring about an amp and he told me "any day now", this was about a year ago. They are great amps and I own 3 3600s and 5 2402s. I think the future will be all lightweight amps. I actually plan to sell my MacroTechs on Ebay and buy some ITechs and Xti's to replace them. I will miss the Macros, but won't miss the weight, I am sure the Itechs will perform unbelievably.
  3. Turns out the fan was actually unplugged inside the amp from the factory. The place I bought it from and returned it to confirmed that. Glad to hear it wasn't an internal control glitch.
  4. Hi Tom. The fan will start running only after the senser reads around 160 degrees (I think) or so from what I understand. The fan won't start up at initial power up though.
  5. I just got two brand new XTi 4000 amps. I used them for the first time last night on a corporate gig with a band. They were used to drive lows and mids, double 18 JBLs and double 12 JBLs, 4 ohm loads, at a moderate (not too loud) volume, never clipping the amps. I walked up to the stage half way through the first 2 hour set and noticed the thermal lights were lit up on the mid amp. I looked in the back of the rack and neither of the XTi 4000 amps' fans were running, just sitting still. Is there something I have to do in the DSP settings to get the fans to run to cool off the amp? Seems odd that I would get two amps with the same defect. Is it a firmware problem on this particular batch of amps? Luckily my Macrotech 3600s were still in the rack and, after sweating through the set hoping the mid amp didn't shut down, I switched the system back to the Macrotechs.
  6. Another quick question about the XTi amps. On my XTi 4000s, the banana plug (binding posts) on the back have plastic plugs in the middle of them so I can't plug my banana plugs from my rack patching into them. Do these come out, or do I have to pull the banana plugs off of the wiring and hard wire every time I switch out an amp?..., or, um hard wire banana plugs dangling off of the amps to plug my patch wiring into???
  7. XTi 4000 and manual discrepencies

    Thanks for the link to the other forum discussion. My manual says "preliminary" on it, guess the manual didn't change with the firmware changes. You actually received an amp DOA? I noticed you mentioned that on your other post.
  8. I just received two new XTi 4000 amps yesterday which are replacing some Macrotech amps. In reading the manual and learning the DSP features, some things don't seem to jive with the manual. When setting the Limiter function, the manual says there are 4 settings which are: CLIP LIM, -3, -6 and -12. My amps don't have the CLIP LIM setting, just an OFF instead. The CLIP LIM setting is the one I would use. Is this normal? On a better note, the manual says that when you power the amp off and back on again, any changes to the quick start presets will be set back to factory settings. I powered my amp off and on again and the changes I made remained. Are these discrepencies results of recent revisions to the DSP software? Is there a more accurate manual available to download?
  9. CROWN MA5002vz ISSUES

    here is what the tech said: replace leaky AE brand silver dipped mica caps on the output bd this one was c509 what ever this means? 3684[/snapback] I have a fleet of newer Macrotech 3600VZs and 2402s, do I need to open them all up to see if they have these AE brand "leaky" mica caps??? Are there any recalls or issues I should be aware of?
  10. XTi vs. Macrotech amps

    Thanks David for the input. The only reason I was concerned about the srufacte mount tech. is that I own a Soundcraft GB-8 console which has SMT boards and the slightest bit of moisture put my board out of commission right before a corporate gig. I had to borrow a ... Mackie (shiver) from the house AV company. I figured the larger componenets don't react as bad. I will probably sell some of the MA amps that I have and buy one rack of XTi amps. Any planned internal revisions I should wait to happen first that you know of? Chris.
  11. I currently have 4 Macrotech 3600VZs and 9 MA2404s in my sound system. I am considering going with new lighter amps, realizing that the Macrotechs are due to be discontinued. I am told that the XTi amps are a suitable replacement, unless I want to take out a second mortgage to buy some I-Techs. Does anybody know about the build quality of these XTi amps? The DSP features are an unneeded bonus as I use a Driverack in my system and am mostly concerned about how well built the amp itself is. I know some of the newer amps now have the microchip/surfacemount technology circuit boards that are pretty much unserviceable, but replaceable and are very touchy in moist invironments and don't like it when rain blows in during a festival. Do the XTi amps have these or do they have conventional through solderable boards with normal size components and are the output transistors as durable as with the Macrotechs? Anyone seen the inside of an XTi yet? Anyone got pics of the inside of one? I would be grateful to anyone who can submit one. I would love to have a rack of 6 XTi4000s to do a single stack a side x 6 mix rig to avoid the heavy amp racks I currently lug around. I don't normally have to meet national act ryder requirements, but I don't want the amps to make me lose a gig in the event I do have to negotiate on a ryder. Chris Pfeiffer