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  1. Background: I work at a horse racetrack and we have old crown IQ-pip system for the Racing side of the facility. We have 8 amps (older Comtech 200/400/800) staged at different locations throughout the building with the IQ-PIP wiring. On the new casino side of our building (which MUST remain seperate from the racing PA) we have nice new IQ 5.1 software and such running another totally seperate Crown system. This is the good side. on the racing side I am running a dinosaur PIP IQ syetem with 8 amps. and an SMX6 from a Mac. I told you it was old. It appears the SMX has crapped out for about the 4th time (compressors all over the place, some mics go up and down randomly, tinny sounds, feedback etc. smells likes it's burning too, a sure sign of failure. I can smell caps going and the announcer said it was smooking just before it went nuts). My company is too cheap to let me replace the system. I have removed the SMX-6 and now I get a ton of interference in the video signals I use which is obviously coming from the amps being maxed out. I know that when they lose their link/comm they go to max volume and I cannot control the attenuation any more due to no IQ talk. It seems the entire system is not responding, says no link at the interface, even though it tones and measures fine, it just won't work with the IQ anymore. It is driving me and my master control guys crazy. I have hooked up mic mixers to the drive line and even nice Aphex compressors but everytime our track announcer talks in anything over a normal voice (have you ever known an announcer that doesn't scream int the mics?) it throws tons of distortion lines into our video feed. Anyway, my big question is what can I put in the pip slots so that I can just use a plain old Shure mic mixer to eliminate the troublesome SMX-6 and the IQ system? I have several amps and would need to buy enough modules for 8 amps. I just want to be able to manually run the thing till they decide to loosen their purse strings. I was thinking the EBCd's but have never seen them. They appear to be what I may need. But, can these be found anywhere? Or do I tell my company to bite the bullet and just buy a totally new PA system for $40k? I would need to find a new job then too. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. IQNET stays offline

    All set, I have it doing exactly what I want now. I had to rewrite the dataframe control pages using the shared file as the starting point. For some reason it would not communicate properly. Once rewritten from the new location it does all it is designed for. Thanks.
  3. IQNET stays offline

    Thanks for the help, it does appear to me that it's a sharing issue. My other IT guy tells me they cannot give the server computer access to the Netware drive but it should be able to communicate anyway. I gave him your number and he will give you a shout. Thanks again.
  4. IQNET stays offline

    Thanks for the help. I am able to connect using IQ512 and see the amp and adjust it. However, the problem I have is being able to share a common *.wiq file from a remote location. I can create new control pages and such, but I want to be able to use the same set of control pages for everyone that will have access. This is where I am stuck. I can create individual dataframes with control pages ta each location, but I don't want to have to replicate these from scratch at each spot, plus I want the values of all the controls to be consistent across the network. I made a bunch of custom control pages that are very user friendly for the people that will need to operate this during hours I am not available. It would be quite a bit of work to have to re-write them for each client. I tried the 712 software, and it won't even find the server, and we do run through a router. So, how can I share this file? Is there any special setup to it I have to do, it seems to carry the original IPconfig info with it when I put it on another client. Thanks
  5. OK, got a winXP box running the server software, have UseMe.wiq file stored on a public folder in our Netware network. We can open the file, connect to the network (messages can be sent from server to any client) but the clients all still say "Offline" in the workplace window. What gives? It seems pretty straight forward and simple but I cannot control the unit with the files stored on the network. Is there some special way to store these? Thanks.
  6. Hi folks, I have an older , ok, really old, PIP IQ-INT and the IQ mods anre version 1.3. Does anyone have some windows software for this stuff? I have the Mac stuff but want to try the win stuff as my old Mac is on it's last legs. Thanks Pat
  7. David, Thank you very much. The examples you sent are exactly what I need. I guess I should schedule myself one of your schools.
  8. I currently am running IQW 5.1.2 and have a heck of a time with this thing. I have been using PIP IQ stuff for many many years and this version leaves a lot to be desired as far as labelling. All I want to be able to do is to label my inputs to real names like "Mic 1, Player Mic 2 etc.." and the outputs the sams such as " Food Court, or Gaming floor" or whatever, just plain intuitive names like I can on my old stuff. This si getting frustrating and driving me nuts. The help file should be renamed "Helpless" as it is so vague it's practically useless. Do they offer any formal training for this product or are we just stuck getting info form our sales rep that doesn't even begin to understand it either. I use a USM810 and two crown amps running many speakers in a casino environment and we just want to label our mics and the areas the zones control. Help!!