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  1. Amp/cab matching...

    Thanks for the reply. According to the fellow who sold the system to the original owner, the JBL MP418S had been converted to 8 ohms each. If that were true, would the CE2000 be able to run those cabs in bridge mode, since it would now be a 4 ohm load? Is there a way of telling if the cabs had indeed been converted to 8 ohm cabs? Would there be an audio transformer of some sort in the cab used to convert the cab to 8 ohms? Certainly, if this is not the case, I will do what it takes to run the system correctly and safely. However, if it's practical to run the subs with the CE2000 then I'd like to do that.
  2. I recently inherited a small PA system from a former, fellow-band member. The band is a four-piece, playing mostly small clubs 100-300 people, occasional outdoor gig but still, small crowds of 500 or less. The system consists of, among other things, a Crown CE4000, a Crown CE2000, a couple of other amps for monitors, (2) JBL MP225 for the mains (500w each, 4 ohms each), and (2) JBL MP418s (600w each, wired at 8 ohms each) for the subs. I know the system in the past was run using the CE4000 to power the subs, running in bridge-mono. The MP225s were powered by the CE2000, also run in bridge-mono. After some review of various websites and literature, it appears that setup has been not a good way of doing things since running the MP225s in bridge-mono would carry a load of 2 ohms (the minimum load recommended is, I believe, 4 ohms). Is this a correct assessment? If the above is a correct assessment, what would others recommend in terms of running this system? I realize there may be a number of options; however, let's assume my goal is to try and keep the system relatively in tact (mainly due to lack of funds at this point). Is the CE2000 enough to adequately power the MP225s since, presumably, it should not be run bridged? Assuming the CE2000 is not enough to adequately power the MP225s in separate channels, is the CE2000 enough to adequately power the subs if run in bridge-mono (since the subs are each wired at 8 ohms)? Do I need to get a more powerful amplifier to run the MP225s for the venues we play?