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  1. Yes , it did. I think I will buy the subs in the future. I have 50 ft. of 12 gauge wire. I guess I am ok there. Thanks Wires size does make a difference on very long runs. If your MP 225's are more than 100 feet from each side of your amp, you should consider larger wire gauge. Minimum of 12 gauge, preferrably 10 to 8 gauge for 100 ft. or longer length. That is to compensate for signal, and power loss on long speaker cable runs. The CE 4000 has some frequency filter switch options on each channel that allow you to set the amp for certain applications. Check the amp to see where the filter switches are set. These should be set in the "off" or "full" mode for running full range. I believe there are some low pass filter settings at 80 hz, and 100 hz for subs. If you still have problems reproducing lower frequencies from the MP 225's, you could try an external graphic or parametric EQ, or a set of subs. If using subs, you would need some sort of cross-over and another amp for the subs, or get an amp with internal DSP to do the cross-over filters for the subs. Hope this helps. Ted 3801[/snapback]
  2. I am new at this. This is my system: 2 Denons DN-S 5000, one Denon mixer DN X 1500, 1 Crown amp CE 4000, and 2 JBL MP225. I left the amp according to factory instructions for use in stereo mode. I thought the sound would be warmer with a bit more base. Is there a setting I must change to accomplish this, or I just need to buy two subs plus another amp in the future? The music just sounds with hardly no lows. Do wires make a difference?