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  1. Itech

    I have never plug a computer into the amp, so it must be the firmware that the factory had in it. I have 6 Itech amps in total bought the 1st one Nov 2005 and the last one in June 2006 not sure when I got the one that has blank screen problem. Heat would not be a issue, It always happens when switching on from cold. The units would be off for weeks at a time, mainly used at weekends. To be honest I am apprehensive about plugging in a lap top, I dont know enough about programming these digital amps. The light weight and the power is what I like. Of coarse I do think the amps could be used more efficiantly. But its very hard to get simple straight forward advice on such new produts. I use Driveracks to controlle system. But at the launch was told external controllers were not needed. But because the amp was always peaking I opted to play safe and use the DBX driverack. The use of this unit gave me more sound and stopped the red lights coming on the amp. I do not drive the desk hard and am a long time doing sound and putting systems together. Have you came across the blank screen before ? If it happenend every time it was switched on the problem may be easy to fix. But if you think its a firmware issue maybe I could reload a new one. Thanks Jim.
  2. Itech

    Hi David, one of my Itech 4000 amps has a problem, sometimes when I switch it on the screen is Blank. The blue light is on but no writing on the screen. I switch off the power button and then try it again after a few try s the writing is there and I proceed to do the gig with no problem. Should I send it back, or do you know how I can fix it myself. Getting on well with the JBL VRX pa now, people are very impressed with its clarity and full sound. Kind Regards, Jim.
  3. ITECH amps and JBL VRX

    Hi. D. Glass, thanks for your reply, but when I was at the demo for the I techs and JBL speakers a guy from USA who told me he worked for crown said that all the necessary tunnings would be in both ITECH and the DBX driveracks. But as you know when I bought the first set, then I was told its such a new product these factory settings were not available yet. I know your job is to short out technical problems with Crown product, but I am very frustrated with the brick wall response I get from everyone on this subject. I have the details from the JBL web site with the tunnings and have an appropiate setting in the DBX unit. But when I compare similar systems with the factory settings. They seem just that bit better. Maybe some one will send me a super down load and I can load the driveracks and leave you in peace. Harman is the company which Crown and DBX are part of? All the best, Jim
  4. Hi Dave, I have 3 Itech 4000 and 3 Itech 6000 and 3 DBX 260 in 3 amp racks to power 12 VARIX tops and 12 SRX 918 bass cabs. What I want to know is, When this fantastic speaker system was designed, why was the attitude of plug and play not used. What I mean is dial up the VRX cab on your mid high amp, then dial up the SRX bass cab. Only last week I purchased my last set and there is still nothing provided from the factory. I have made up my own programme on the Driverack but with all the technology at your disposal I can not understand why its not already installed. When I compare JBL with the Electro Voice XLD system which we purchased last mouth. I took it out of the 24 boxes clipped them together. Screwed the amps into a Rack with the EVA prossesor dialed up the preset for the SLED connected the speaker leads and instanly had a fantastic sound. I have always been a big fan of Crown, Its top notch gear, But Harmon could do with sorting this problem, Or am I expecting to much. Thanks Jim.