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  1. I-Tech & Xti processing power

    Here's a quote straight out of EAW page: EAW publishes loudspeaker signal processor settings for the benefit of our customers who wish to manually program our MX8750 processor and for those who choose to use third party digital signal processors. The settings are roughly grouped by product family and are enclosed in downloadable PDF files. I have a PDF file that has the DSP setting for the KF650e's. These settings work with third party DPS's (Ashly,Crown,Klark Teknik, ect). Shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you the PDF file.
  2. no usb wire

    Thanks DGlass, you have jsut made my life easier.
  3. no usb wire

    talking about usb cables, Recently I bought 4 xti's for my four way system. I've been controlling the amplifiers individually through the usb calbe. My question is: What do I need to connect all 4 amps and produce one usb output to my laptop? Do I need a usb hub?
  4. XTi and HiQNET

    Recently I bought a xti4000,xti2000 and xti1000. One of the questions is: Can it be possible to control and monitor remotely the amps through a laptop? My other question is: If it is possible, what hardware do I need?