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  1. MacroTech 2402

    Hi Kev, As I mentioned to Alain, we have had no re-occurrence of the problem since returning the amp to service. Problem appears to have been resolved but I am not sure how since the Service Centre did not observe the problem despite several weeks of testing. FYI our ambient temp. in Singapore hovers around the 30deg C. Temperatures in the amp rack easily hit 40deg C. Humidity is high at around 70-80%. Regards Symen
  2. MacroTech 2402

    Hi Alain, My sincere apologies for this very slow response. I did not receive email notification of your response and neglected to check the forum regularly. Thank you for your suggestion. I assume TN164 is a technical note ? If so and as a Crown customer, how do I access this note ? I also assume the authorised service centre in Singapore would have access to this TN ? Since I posted this issue the amp in question has been returned to service without a repeat of the "relay clicking" incident in two months. The service centre in Singapore reported "No Fault Found" and issued this report:: Output Bias = Passed ODEP(Output Device Emulator Protection) Voltage = Passed ODEP Limiting = Passed 48Hrs continous Power On = Passed Sound Check = Passed General Service in good condition However, (and this might be pure coincidence) the loudspeaker (JBL #AM4315-95) driven by the previously "faulty" channel 2, has now lost all HF output and we are investigating. More on this later.... Regards Symen
  3. Have a problem with a Macrotech 2402 being used in my church in Singapore. Problem is with channel 2 only and occurs at startup; output relay oscillates and does not stay on after energising; protection lights illuminate in tandem. This occurred several times during which I heard several loud "popping" sounds coming from the right FOH speaker (JBL AM4315). I switched it off for 10 - 15 mins after which I tried again. This time relay stayed on, amplifier was operational. Sound loudspeaker was clear with no distortion. For the whole weekend amplifier was OK with no fault reported. This is the 2nd time within a year that this fault has occurred. The authorised service centre replaced a 10ohm resistor back in Aug '07 and unit has worked fine till now. Unit is now with service centre but they cannot duplicate the problem. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and what was done to rectify the problem. Appreciate any assistance offered. Regards Symen