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  1. xti software

    it doesn't seem like harman wants to do an OSX version. too bad they don't have a forum like this.
  2. xti software

    honestly I think it's unreasonable how much they're being hounded. the site says july 2006, not july 1st 2006.
  3. xti software

    is there a page or document somewhere that details the specifics of what will be included in the software update? by the way, I wish more companies would staff their own forums, or even have forums. i feel more comfortable buying something from a company with such a level of customer service
  4. I just discovered that the HiQnet software is not available for Mac OSX. Are there any plans to release it for OSX? I've got an XTi 2000 on the way, looks like I'll need to find a PC somewhere so install the software