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  1. Sounds like DC is being passed. Can you measure the output of the amps to see if there is a DC voltage that is always present? Mikey
  2. XTi limiter times

    Thanks, Dave. FWIW, I would gladly give up the subharmonic synth for adjustable attack and release times on the limiters. Even if they were fixed attacks at, say, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, and 16 ms and releases that were fixed at 16X the attack times. At least the basic parameters of a DSP would be useful. As it stands, those current attack times sure aren't going to catch much in the way of HF stuff. Mike
  3. XTi limiter times

    Dave, I went to lookup this information again and looked a bit closer. Are you sure that this is 20dB/sec or is it 20dB/msec? Mike
  4. Xti latency

    Try doing a search. It's already been answered on this forum. As I recall, it is purposefully the same as the I-tech amps. Mikey
  5. XTI Clip Light

    The input "CLIP" indicators in the software GUI are not reading correctly at the moment. The will still show clipping with the input attenuators fully CCW. The new firmware/SA/whatever that is supposed to be released any minute will correct this, I am told.
  6. XTI Clip Light

    As indicated a few posts below, there is no indicator for limiting. I think there is a problem with what SA is reporting. I'm still waiting on a bunch of answers regarding this. For Crown, this is very poor documentation about what is going on in this amp. Not what I expected at all.
  7. What are the limiter attack and release times in the XTis? I know that I cannot set different attack and release times manually for each passband, but is it changed automatically based on crossover frequencies. I'm guessing it isn't. My confusion is that I still see "CLIP" lights when the limiters are set at -6dB. All I can guess is that the limiters are not fast enough to catch anything since it's happening on the subs, LF drivers and HF drivers. Mike
  8. Has anyone had problems loading preset files into the XTis with SA? I loaded 4 XTi4000s with exactly the same programs, double checked to be sure that the change that I had made from the previous preset file was indeed in the amp and thought all was well. When I got to the gig and listened to the tops, there was a huge mismatch. After checking cables, swapping amp channels, etc. I connected the computer and fired up SA. The amp that was giving me problems actually had the correct preset, but the EQ was not "ENABLED". The other 3 were just fine. Same proceedure on all amps. Any thoughts? Mike
  9. I was able to produce some very interesting sounds through the XTi this weekend. None of them were welcome. Under normal run conditions, when the amp display shows the preset, nothing unusual occured. When the amp was put into diagnostic mode to monitor internal temperatures, it frequently made unusual noises-pops, squeaks, a LF version of a faucet drip, etc. When the display returned to the preset indication, the noises disappeared. Is this begin addressed in the new firmware? Also, what indicator in SA shows when the amp is hitting the internal limiters? Is the "clip" indicator on the output side of SA taking information post "digital attenuator" based on the block diagram? Thanks, Mike
  10. XTi Block diagram

    Then why does the block diagram for the XTi show the "FRONT PANEL ATTN" knob before the ADC? Changing it does NOT affect the clip lights on the input in SA that you indicate. My test setup confirms this. If I am clipping the input (to the ADC, according to your statement) and I adjust the front panel attenuation, it does not change the input or the fact that the clip lights remain on. This holds true even if the input attenuators on the front panel are completely CCW. Again, is the block diagram incorrect?
  11. XTi Block diagram

    "There are input clip indicators in the software GUI above the input level meters that will indicate if the ADC is clipping. The front panel level attenuators adjust the input drive level to the ADCs, that drive the DSP. So the front panel level attenuators are input attenuators. " I am watching the SA screen right now. The XTi is being fed a pink noise signal from a mixer. As I adjust the front panel attenuator, the output changes (based on the meters in SA), but the input meters in SA do not change. That seems to indicate that the attenuator does NOT adjust the level to the ADC. Essentially, the input attenuators on the front panel seem to perform the same function as the "Level 1 & 2" controls in SA.
  12. According to the block diagram of the XTi, the input meter (visible in SA) is before the front panel input attenuator. How do we know if we are overdriving the ADC? It seems that it would be much more useful to have the attenuator before the meter and use the attenuator to actually attenuate the drive level TO the meter that drives the DSP. According to my setup, the "input attenuator" on the front panel controls the output to the power amp and not the input, anyway. Is there an error in the block diagram?
  13. Please, please, please do not just buy some speakers and a few amps for that situation. Most churches go through 3 sound systems before they get it right. Hire a professional to analyze the room. The speakers and room should "fit" together or you will likely have a system that sounds terrible. I can't overemphasize how important good design is. Ceiling height, first reflections, coverage angles, reverberation times (at several frequencies), and many other factors will determine what will be acceptable in a space. The numbers are not "magic," either. There are well established means of measuring what is acceptable. Just so you know, I'm an EE who does acoustic and electro-acoustic design for a living. Find someone in your area who will take responsiblity for the design and provide specific design parameters. If you can't find someone, please contact me and I will help you locate what you need. Best regards, Mike Kovach
  14. Input attenuator settings: Myth or Fact?

    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Glass on this one. You are limiting the dynamic range of the mixer if you set the mixer and amp level as he says. I set the entire system to limit/clip/overload at the same point. That is, if the mixer just starts to clip, the processor just starts to clip as does the power amp. You maximize the dynamic range of the system that way. There are arguments to be made that there are better ways to optimize a digital system, but at 24 bits, you have to be 48 dB down to get 16 bit resolution. Not a very common scenario in live sound. Just my opinion, Mike
  15. XTi internal measurements?

    It sure would be nice to know line voltages if possible. I saw the LO VOLTAGE display when I was programming the new firmware and figured it must be measured- even if not displayed What data can be polled through SA? Is there a reference URL or document? thanks again, Mike