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  1. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    input + to speaker 1 + speaker 1 - to speaker 2 + speaker 2 - to input connector -
  2. weird

    make sure they are in phase with each other - could be the cable or inside the cabinet.
  3. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    In a series wiring situation if you loose 1 driver and the circuit opens, then all other drivers in that series are inoperative resulting in disappointed clients. You can also run into uneven output box to box. You might consider wiring each box series internally resulting in a nominal 16ohm load X 3 putting the Itech at a very comfortable load - essentially your original suggestion without the wiring issue. This way simplifies the wiring at the gig, insures even spl box to box, and you loose only 1 pair when a driver fails. Any non-standard cable is a serious delay or system crash waiting to happen and don't trust a roadie to do your cable patching if you choose to do a custom harness.
  4. 3 speaker on bridge mode

    This was an old peavey cluster design that was actually quite clever resulting in a 3dB increase in the center "long throw" cabinet. Assuming an 8 ohm speaker load, the amp saw the equivalent of a +/- 2.5 ohm load per side in this configuration. I tried this with a MT1200 without smoking the amp but had measurably better results in stereo mode using channel 1 for the center and channel 2 for L,R fill. This allows separate equalization and more accurate attenuation. The fill speakers generally don't need the low freq. content of the main and a 4 ohm minimum load is prefered. I have not and would not try this on any amp with a switch mode supply. Crown amps are priced very low these days - use more if you need the SPL. Hope this helps Lee