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    I own 4 XTI-4000 and since installing firmware i seem to have a lot of problems with my amps. After certain time they go into limiting and I see no reason why . I use them with 2 x VRX 932 (= 4 ohm) and 2 x VRX 918 (= 4 ohm) or with 2 8ohm monitors as side I've had the problem on different locations. I've read in the forum this can be due to low voltage but I doubt this was the case. What can I do about this ? If there is no cure for it then these amps are really unreliable. In this case I want to get rid of them as quick as possible. I thought Crown was a company which only sold very good stuff but I'm really disappointed since these are not the only problems I had with the XTI4000 Does anyone has an idea what's the real problem ? Can someone tell me if these problems can be resolved with a firmware upgrade ?
  2. Softwareproblem XTI

    Some time ago i bought 2 XTI-4000 amps. One month ago I finally installed the software and everything seemed to work OK. One of the amps was replaced due to a problem. Lately i tried to connect the two amps via a USB hub so I could more easily change settings without changing cables. Then I got a fatal error in System Architect 2.10 and since then I am no longer able to connect tot the amplifier with ID 1. The other amp (ID 56810) gives no problem at all. I tried everything (changing cables, only connecting one amp without hub etc...) but every time I try to connect to amp 1 I have the error message and System Architect is closing down. What have I done wrong ??? Is there something I can do to resolve the problem ?? I hope you understand the problem

    Today we are july 31. I was hoping that the software for XTI amplifiers would be released by now as promised in previous topics. I want my money back !