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  1. Could You explain why you used 1.25 x the Program Power rating. I thought 1.5 to 2 x the RMS rating was what you use. That would be (2 x 1600 = 3200) x 4ohms = 12800 sq rt = 113.14v. I was just reading up on this and that's what I seem to be finding. I'd like to know if I'm doing this wrong. Thanks, Bob H
  2. Hi, I was trying to set up some presets on an ITech the other day and when I made a gain change in SA the metering was very slow to respond. Like sometimes 15 to 20 seconds slow. When I mute in SA it's instantaneous but the level on the meters takes a long time to react. If I boost a bandpass, same thing. If I remove the signal (pull down the master fader) again, same thing. Yet the changes can be heard in real time. I have the ITech connected to my laptop via the RJ45 jack. When I use the same laptop to setup an XTi with USB connection all is well. Anybody have any idea what's causing this? Thanks for the help, Bob H
  3. XTI2000 .Hex firmware

    I have sent the file to your email address It is on it's way to you email address. Hi David, I have 4 XTI4000s and 1 XTi2000 that have 3 different firmware versions. Could you send me the latest update file for them? I have SA already. Thanks, Bob H Bob, I have sent the requested formware files. It should be noted if the XTi amps have firmware version or greater the CLoader program is not needed as System Architect can be used to update the amp. Each release of System Architect has the then most current version of firmware. The latest version of System Architect is 1.80.1 and the latest XTi firmware included in it is version The .hex Firmware and CLoader program can be used if there is a problem with using System Architect however System Architect is faster and easier to use if there isn’t an issue. Thanks David, I have SA v1.4. I may as well update that first and then the amps. Thanks again, Bob H
  4. XTI2000 .Hex firmware

    I have sent the file to your email address It is on it's way to you email address. Hi David, I have 4 XTI4000s and 1 XTi2000 that have 3 different firmware versions. Could you send me the latest update file for them? I have SA already. Thanks, Bob H
  5. Is there anybody oout there?
  6. Hi, Just wondering if there was ever a fix for this problem. http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1191 I've since gotten another XTi4000 that doesn't do this but my original 2 still do. Like I said earlier, the amps work fine with no noise when playing program material through them. Just the blinking level LEDs. Thanks, Bob H
  7. System Architect Question

    Ahhh that makes sense, That's how I got the extra icon in SA. I should have just deleted the other one. Thanks, I really appreciate that. I read about the USB Anywhere hub a while back and was going to look into it but I got a little sidetracked (work, you know!). With it, can I put it into my amp rack onstage and comunicate with my amps from FOH wirelessly? I have a hub in my amp rack now with all 3 XTi4000s connected but I have to have my laptop next to the amp rack to make adjustments. I think a 100 foot USB cable would make SA angry :angry: . I really wouldn't need to make adjustments to the DSP during the show but it would be handy to keep an eye on levels and temps. Thanks for the help, Bob H
  8. System Architect Question

    Never mind, I got it. I just deleted the icons and turned everything off. Then I updated SA and then each XTi4000 individually with the Cloader. I started SA then turned on each amp by it self. As the amps were turned on SA recognized each one and assigned an address to them except for one and it kept the address that I assigned to it from before . I loaded SA with my Venue file and each amp with my saved device file and we're done. Another question though, can I change the addresses of the two that had thier address assigned by SA? Thanks Bob H
  9. Hi, I just got another XTi4000 and when I got it recognized online in System Architect (V1.30) I messed something up and now I have 4 XTi4000 icons (I only have 3 total) and only 2 of them take commands and they don't line up with the addresses that I gave them initially. Can I update to V1.40 and then readdress all 3 amps and update their firmware after that or should I update the amps with the cloader program like I did with the original 2 and then update SA to V1.40 and have SA recognize and address the amps all over again? Any help would be appreciated, Bob H
  10. XTi Concern

    I'd hold off on looking elsewere for a bit. I've had Crown amps before and they've performed great for me. This is probably just a teething problem they'll fix in short order. Like I said above, the amps worked fine. Bob H
  11. XTi Concern

    One of my XTis has had this problem from day one. Mine only reads "signal" when nothing is hooked up (no signal). I did notice CH2 had higher readings when I was setting my gain stages though. (only on the one amp) It doesn't seem to affect the performance at all. Any Ideas? Thanks, Bob H (WJ Sound & Lighting)
  12. I checked both the amps and they both are updated with v1.1.0.15 so I guess all is well. The reason I thought it wasn't updated is I couldn't get SA to recognize the amp. I just tried the other amp and it won't recognize it either. I'm going to have to RTFM (Read The FFine Manual) to figure it out. I have another small problem I'm concerned about though. The "signal" LED on ch2 blinks on and off for a while and then stays on until I reboot the amp and then it does it again. I don't have any input to the amp and there isn't any speakers attached. When I attach a speaker there isn't any noise on the channel, just the light on. Any Ideas on what's causing this? Thanks again for all the help Dave, Bob H Edit - Just to clarify, with signal to the channel and speaker hooked up I don't get any noise on the channel but the program material plays fine.
  13. Which XTi amp for JBL subs

    I understand how to bridge the amp, but what do you mean by Parellel the 2 speakers together? Maybe a dumb question, but I am unsure how to go about doing this. And do you do this because the speakers are rated at 4ohms and bridging the amp would take it down to 2 ohms??? Thanks 4170[/snapback] I just checked the SRX718s documentation and it's an 8 ohm box, so in parallel that would be a 4 ohm load. You must be thinking of the SRX728s which is a 4 ohm box (2x 8ohm drivers). To parallel the speakers connect one to the amp and use another speaker cable out of that speakers parallel jack to the other speaker. Like you said, you know how to bridge the amp so I won't explain that part. Hope that helps, Bob H
  14. Anyone having trouble installing the firmware update for the XTi amps? I just installed the firmware in one of my XTi4000s but the other one wouldn't finish. Here's how it went. 1) Uninstalled SA from my laptop 2) Downloaded SA from the Crown site 3) Installed SA v1.20.0 on my laptop 4) Copied CLoader program to desktop 5) Connected amp to laptop with USB cable 6) Opened CLoader program 7) Hit "load file" 8) Selected XTI11015.hex and hit open 9) The amp display said "--WAIT--" but the ch1&ch2 lights did not flash and the window on the laptop said "programming" 10) I waited about 10 min. but no change. 11) I hit "abort" and exited the program on the laptop I turned off the amp and rebooted the laptop and tried again (step5 to step9) but no joy. I then turned off the amp, rebooted the laptop again and tried updating my other XTi4000 in the same manner and it went exactly according to the instructions. The instructions: http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/cdi-dsi-...ware-update.htm The ch1 & ch2 lights flashed, the amp rebooted, assigned a serial# and it was done. I tried again with amp #1 and it got as far as assigning a serial # and the laptop window said something like "serial# programmed" over and over again till I hit "abort" and every time I tried after that I only got as far as step # 9 again. I've used these amps a few times with no problems. I don't have time right now to mess with it but I'll unrack the amp tomorrow and try again. Has anyone else had similar problems? Or suggestions? I would be concerned it was "Pilot error" if the other one didn't update but of course it did. Thanks, any help would be appreciated, Bob H PS Sorry for the long post.
  15. Which XTi amp for JBL subs

    Hi Robbie, It's common practice to give your speakers one and a half to two times the rated power (RMS). If you got an XTi4000 you could use it in bridged mono and give each of your SRX718s 1600 watts. That'll give you plenty of headroom and you won't be likley to clip the amp. Just keep an eye on it and don't overdrive them and you'll be ok. I have 2 XTi4000s that I use for monitors (4 monitor mixes at 8 ohms). They're rated at 250 watts and I'm giving them 650 watts each and they work just fine. Since I got the XTis my back doesn't ache so much after a gig . (17 pounds each as opposed to 34 pounds (CE4000) plus 67 pounds (Yamaha P3500) ouch!!! Good luck, Bob H