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  1. Effective Radius of the PZM-20R?

    The FAQs say the maximum distance mouth-to-mic for the PZM-10 is 3 feet. I need better than that because I am unable to sway folks from ceiling mics We would be using the be using Vortex 2280 or 2241s for DSP. Room acoustic specifications are: Ceiling Tile NRC Rating: 0.7+ & 0.9+ Ceiling Tile CAC Rating : 35+ & 25+ Background Noise Level: NC 40 Reverb time: .65 QUESTION 1: Under these conditions, what happens to the effective maximum distance for the PZM-10 and separation distance? QUESTION 2: With the PZM-10 and Vortex, does the 3:1 still apply for phase cancellation? I'm working on some corporate technical design specifications for conference room audio and need guidance. Thanks,