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  1. ITech heat/fan issue

    The amp was doing this with a very low draw on it, I was just playing a cd at a very low level, I will check it again tomorrow.
  2. I have (3) ITech and (1) xti amps in a rack, One of my IT8000 amps seems to heat up very easily which makes the fan come on very quick, and it seems as though the fan just speeds up alot. although this amp is in the middle of another IT8000 and a IT4000 in a rack. I put a fan on the amp rack to keep it cool, There was never a problem with the amp shutting down. Is this something I need to be concerned about? The other amps do not do this.
  3. My system is 4 way, My amps are Sub: I-Tech 8000 Low- I-Tech 8000 Mid - I-Tech 4000 High-Xti 2000 My speakers are Yorkville Ls1208 & Eaw KF650e I am currently using a Ashley Protea 4,24c I was just wondering if the processing power in my amps can do what my ashley 4.24c currently does as far as achieving all of Eaw processing settings. Thanks.
  4. I-Tech problems

    Well I am happy to say that the defective ITech amplifiers that I had have been replaced by crown, Thank you sooooooo very much. I have always used crown amps and they continue their tradition of superb customer support. The ITechs just stomp, They have given my system way more power than I had imagined(But I operate them on 220v, for the most part they seem to like that better than 110v. Thanks again Crown.
  5. Hello: Iwas really excited to get all of my new I-Tech amps,I first recieved my I-Tech8000, That amp has been good, Then when I order my next 2 amps the dealer tells me that crown would not be able to provide those amps till the end of august(I-Tech8000 & I-Tech4000). So the dealer orders me B-Stock because that is all that is available, At this time I am a bit concerned, But the dealer says that B-Stock is just a cosmetic blemish and really nothing to worry about. So I get the 8000 and I am at a show, In the first song that amp decides to stop working, So I bring it back to the dealer and they replace it. Now today I am doing a show and the 4000 starts freaking out, without anything plugged into it except ac, It begins turning on and shutting down by itself. When you first turn the amp on the screen lights up, But it looks like the amp is trying to load(like when you are downloading on your computer) It gets about half way then it turns off, the a few minutes later it turns itself back on. For all the money that I have spent on these amps they have become a major dissappointment :angry:
  6. Crown I-Tech power

    What about the xti amp, voltage?
  7. I have just purchased (2) I-T8000 and (1) I-T4000, A friend of mine that has these very same amps told me that he had problems running these on 20a 110/power when he was running his system at a high volume, He told me that these amps can run on voltage of 80-240, So he says that he runs them on 220v with a 50 amp breaker..Is this safe, Also I am running a xti2000 for some horns in this very same rack,My guess is that the XTI can only be operated on a 110v circuit. All advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I have been told now numerous times now that crown would be delivering these amplifiers, This has really put me in a bind because I have a pending deal to sell off all of my other amplifiers to buy the XTI. Can you please give me and maybe other potential XTI customers an idea of when to expect these amplifiers. Thank you. P.S. (Midwest...Milwaukee, Wisconsin)