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  1. sent in a request yesterday, but haven't heard anything. i went back and read previous posts just to make sure i wasn't asking something that has been discussed yet. i sent a request to the support email is this kit able to be emailed?
  2. it was @ 1.001. i'm upgrading it to 1.1 now. need the 810 to work w/ AMX, but it's easier (atleast for me) to see the serial strings from the crestron module. i'm using the AMX code as a base, but what they created is pretty long.
  3. Getting ready to install an USM-810 (firmware 1.0). I downloaded the Crestron demo to see how it operates, but I believe the com port locks up and control is no more. Anybody how similar issues w/ Crestron or AMX? Just throwing out ideas.