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  1. MA-2400 Trouble

    I'm having multiple problems with this amp. Initally, Channel 2 ODEP was always dark & no audio was present. There was no excessive current draw or cycling in & out of protection. Further investigation revealed several cold solder joints on main PCB. I resoldered every joint and, with no load or signal, ramped it up on my variac. I then checked both channels for DC offset which was within tolerance. Bias voltages on both channels were excessive, I adjusted them to specs. I then powered the unit down and left it cool in preperation of the ODEP check\adjustment. When I powered the unit up at line voltage, Channel 1 would cycle 2 or 3 times before showing reserve power. Channel 2 powered up normally. Both channels were out of specs., both -ODEP and +ODEP. No DC offset was present & bias voltages appear to be stable. I have not applied signal or load, as I like my test speakers & don't want to chase the cones across the room. Please give me some input as to where to start looking. Thank You!