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  1. IC 150a preamp

    Thanks Dave, again. I'm looking forward to using this preamp, having read quite a lot of forums now, I get the idea that I will happy with its performance. Meshuganah
  2. IC 150a preamp

    Hey thanks a lot for the help with this one but I hit a curve.. I think. Heres a question for anyone who Really knows these things well... My 150 has not got the square switches on the front panel. mine are round, and the P.C. board is not the one in the service manual. Although it is close. My preamp has the model no IC2 on the back panel, and was made on 22/03/85 Serial no 228503. Is it an earlier model or a later one? Was it an Australia only model? Every thing else seems the same although it does not have a volume control board. The resistors for the Vol are all on the switch. I suppose it is too old for most to remember but here's hopeing.... Thanks again all. Meshuganah
  3. Crown IC150

    Hello Albert, I am new to the forum but I may be able to help you. The circuit diagram tells me that a small transformer from your local electronic hobbies shop will do the trick. You will need a 15v-0-15v (a.c.) @ 500ma secondary winding and the mains side needs to be in whatever your local voltage is in Germany. A radio/t.v. technician can change it over for you. You may need to privide a metal screen later, has to be steel not aluminium to prevent any hum. Probably wont be needed though. There is plenty of space in there so this should go well and t5he 150 will be as good as new........Sorry Dave.... Meshuganah
  4. Is it too late?

    Thanks Dave, I read some of the manual and downloaded it to my desktop. Had no idea it was that fancy and am quite looking forward. Wow there are some heavy Crowns out there.......been reading some of the posts. .....Learning curve.. Regards and thanks again, Meshuganah
  5. Hi, I am a newby and judging by some of the posts you guys (and girls) are into some serious sounds. I am a home builder and am putting together a pair of Bailly Trasmission line boxes using 12" drivers with Free air at 19 Hz (Claimed) Using triamplification I am hopeing to blow the whole street away sometime soon but wish to use an old Amcron IC150a preamp for the sources. Is there still any information on this preamp? is it too late? Is it still worth using? So far it Seems to be giving good quality sound. Sorry I dont know too much about these products except that they are 'High end' (or were once....) Regards and thanks, Meshuganah Man, can UB40 blow it out.......!