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  1. Crown IC150

    Hallo, I did not get a transformer 230V 15V-0-15V but a 115V-0-0-115V and 15V-0-15V this is verry close to the one installed and I have it running again.
  2. Crown IC150

    Thanks to Meshuganah for the fast reply. As soon as i get the stuff done i,l let you know. once again, thank You Meshuganah
  3. Crown IC150

    Hello, my name is Albert. I live in Germany and i run a Crown IC 150 with a Crown DC300a and a nice pair of Klipsch Herecy since 33 jears now. But now i have a problem, my IC 150 is litnig up but no Sound anymore A good friend of mine looks at it and find out the Transormer is gone. In Germany Crown stuff is super rare, and the owners sort of keep it secret they have one. My question is if somewone in the states gould giva advice where to get a new ore used transformer ore meby a Replaced oone. Hopefully somone can help me out because i do not want to give up the IC 150. Best Regards, Albert