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  1. Powering the amps

    I run 4 - Xti4000s and 2 - XTi1000s through a furman pl-pro c power conditioner and have never had a problem.
  2. I would send a full range signal first to the 6000 and set it to "Stereo - Y". Then use the link out to send the signal to the 4000s and use the DSP crossover (low pass filter). "Full range signal" > 6000 ( stereo Y) - link out > 4000 (LPF) - link out > 4000 (LPF)
  3. Can anyone tell me if I'm getting the full rated power output from an Xti-4000 running in bridge-mono mode going to a MXR525 using a standard NL-4 speakon to speakon (straight-through) cable? I see the manual calls for using the positive banana terminals or 1+/2+ of the speakon output. I've tried all three combinations but cannot tell any difference. Thanks
  4. XTI2000 .Hex firmware

    Could I get the "hex" file for an XTi-1000 and 2000? Thanks