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  1. In the Topic "Crown Forums > Downloads > Tunings -> JBL VERTEC Tunings for I-Tech for System Architect " is a link with the title: "IQwic Dataframe with JBL VERTEC Tunings" but it is linked to the System Architekt zip and not to a IQwiq Dataframe zip! Bob
  2. I updated the System Architekt to version 1.20. After starting the program a message showing up that the ITechs should be updated to latest firmware. The firmware update included in system Architekt 1.20 is fw. 2.05.10. When I am now using IQ Wiq 8.10a and try to password protect a ITech only channel 1 filters are protected. Bug??? Bob
  3. I-Tech 4000, 6000, 8000 with Firmware. and IQwiq 8.10a The filter section problem is a regions or “spelling” problem. In countries where a comma is used instead of a dot for a decimal point the try to delete a filter in IQ 8.10a ends up with a access violation error! You can avoid this problem by switching the regions settings in the system settings to English US! (The change of keyboard language will not help.) In System Architekt 1.20 this bug is fixed.
  4. I am setting up a system with a few I-Techs and wondering about the major bugs in the I-Tech firmware 2.xx! Filtersection, and and and. If that firmware version are only beta versions please name that versions betas. I do not like to spend to much time for testing software. Bob
  5. What are the changes in the software from IQ-WIQ8.10 to 8.10a? In the I-Tech firmware v2.0.4 is a displaydriver ITAPP204 but when i upload the bin the display shows Is that o.k.? When i look to the I-Techs with IQ-WIQ 8.10 the thermal display will not show a red line in any conditions. Any Ideas? With IQ-WIQ 8.10 I am not able to delete filters complete. When I am using the comand to copy ch 1 filters to ch 2 in the filter rider of an I-Tech the filters from ch1 are added to the filters in ch2. And what mean the control "amp sleep enable" "Sleep monitor" Bob
  6. Help with Crown 5000VZ

    Looks like the softpowerswitch of channel 1 is turned off by "IQ for Windows" Use the Iq for Windows Software to turn the softpowerswitch of channel1 back on. Bob
  7. Yes, the old helpfile is included. The version history ends with 7.1. The system requirements are also old. I also like to know the minimum system requirements for run only the IQgateway on computer. bob
  8. Hi, when will you: 1) release the Firmware 1.30 for the ITECHs? 2) release the updated helpfile for IQwiq and IQgateway 7.20? In a future release a offlinemode for building new control page will be fine! And a option wich presets and wich controls are under passwordprotection. At the moment only the first five presets are fix under passwordprotection. Would be also fine if this will restrict the numbers of presets that are loadabel from the frontpanel. Bob
  9. Great! 1.) Is a I-Tech 4000 also able to bring a peakvoltage of 150volts at 4ohms? 2.) How works the average power limiter internal. Does it measure the outputvoltage? (I know that I have to set the Impedance and watts of the connected bandpass.) Bob
  10. Where can I find the minimum Guaranteed Peak Voltages of I-Tech4,6,8000 at 2,4,8 Ohms? Or should I calculate that with the "Minimum Guarateed Power" specs. I-Tech 6000 at 4ohms stereo per ch. 3000watts = 110volts, A VT4889 can take 150v in the MF bandpass, and 120volts in the LF bandpass. This means I should set the peakvoltage limiter to 110volts in the LF and MF bandpass. bob
  11. IT AMP discovery

    Your computer and the amp should be in the same network range! Means if your computer TCP/Ip is "" and the subnet mask is set to "" the amp TCP/IP should start with "". xxx could be everything between 0 and 254. If you have set your computer TCP/Ip to "" and th subnetmask to "" the amp TCP/IP should start with "". Every component in the network should have a unique TCP/ip address. If you have not setup your amp TCP/IP read the Manual for using the "TCPIQ utility". More detailed information you can find in the owner manual TCP-IQ network basics page 42.
  12. In the I-Tech Application Guide Section 4 about "I-Tech and JBL Vertec" you have written about the provided limiter settings. But I have downloaded the "VTDSP_V3.wiq" file and there are no limiter settings in it. Only the clip eleminator is turned on. Could you please check that? I think the file is only complet with the limiter settings. Regards Bob
  13. I have found another problem with the loadmonitor. When I sending a pinknoise signal to the amplifier without a loudspeaker or load connected to the output the loadmonitor should count up to 250Ohms after a few minutes, right? I have some amplifiers they count only up to something between 20 to 80 ohms. The outputs are not shorted, the USP2 ribbon cable is connected fine. The missreading still appear if I exchange the amplifier PIP with another one. Could this also be a problem of VZ5002 ROM chip programming? Thanks Bob Klaus Bob Bolender email: Internet: Sirius Showequipment AG, Altk?nigstra?e 4, D-61138 Niederdorfelden (near Frankfurt/Main), Germany
  14. Hi, have look for wagner tools "ESU-205" It is an 5 port Fast Ethernet Switch with Neutrik EtherCon RJ45. For more information contact Regards Bob
  15. I am a little bit wondering about this answer. So maybe this happend because of my english. I have taken the watts values from the Macrotech Reference Manual Page 36 (Fig. 6.2 Maximum Power Matrix). So maybe this helps to find the answer. thanx again Bob