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  1. Coming March 12...

    Switchmode Macro-tech... aka an Itech without the DSP. It has the macro/itech front, with the Macro Lights, and the Itech power button. Do I get a T-shirt? or a free amp? I'm majorly interested in the price... great for those people that are already using outboard processing. Great on reducing weight.
  2. Yes, there have been bad pots. Take it back to your dealer and have them get you a replacement. I've had one like this also.
  3. XTI-1000 update

    Or you could go get a multi-meter and have the best of both worlds!
  4. Ah... So I still can limit the system with the software and still have the knobs usable? So I just make my settings with the knobs full on that way they can't blow up their system? Good to know... Although the Lockout knobs would be a nice feature. Thank you for the info.
  5. Does the XTi also have this lockout feature? or is it just in the CDi and DSi series. Also if your laptop can run windows 98. It should be able to run windows 2000. I would be scared to be running 98 still.
  6. Xti vs XS

    But for people that are already running their own processing.. be it a Driverack or Dolby Lake, BSS, ETC. why would they want to have it on the amp if their never going to use it. Its just one more thing that can get bumped. Both amps have their place. Although the XS might need to loose a little bit of its price.
  7. K Series Amps

    My only thought regarding this is that, replacing an amplifier with No vents, and no air flow holes. with an amp with a Fan and venting in a dingy dust filled, smoke laden venue.... is not the same as the one with no vents... No matter which way you look at it. You guys do seem to be putting all your eggs in one basket... I still don't understand how you can keep discontinueing more and more series of amps, when right now you can't even keep up with demand for the XTi as it is... (I've had an XTi Backordered for 2 weeks now.... and its suppose to ship the 30th?) I'm hoping this works. I haven't been let down by a crown amp for quite a while.... But each time you discontinue an amp that has a great track record, and a good design, that was made for a specific purpose with something that doesn't even compare to the original purpose of the one your replacing..... Lets just say I'm Very very worried.
  8. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    Wow 2 of them... that must be loud 4382[/snapback] Loud is a personal opinion. I have been playing for many years. We use In-Ear monitors now, but still need to "Feel the power" on stage. My guitarist uses 2 Marshall stacks live. Both Xti 4000's give me that sensation, and "power" when I play live. 4396[/snapback] Man... what do you use as a PA to keep up with that???
  9. XTi 4000 Firmware upgrade problem ?

    coming from this post You should be able to. So are you using a USB Powered Hub?? By that I'm guessing he means it has to not be powered off the USB port?? Not realy sure.
  10. no usb wire

    Just to get it over with. Their are only two MAJOR kind of ends for USB Cables... A and B. sometimes you will se a Mini B (Like whats on the moto Razr Cell phone) So for your answer you need an A to B USB Cable. Look at the back of the amp and you see the plug? look at the back of your computer and see the plug? Now go find something that looks like it will fit.
  11. Xti Trouble With Channel 2

    Get the Dealer to give you something of equivalent Power until you'rs is fixed. It amazes me that other dealers don't do this kind of thing for their customers. I'm also waiting for an XTi 2000. Backordered Also I believe. Crown Realy can't do much, as You would have to send the Amp in for work. The Dealer can't do anything because he can't get a Replacement. (Although he realy should offer you a replacement Demo unit until you'res is fixed) Good luck Man.
  12. Oh i know. I only have an XTi 2000. But I Love it more than my CE 2000. Its just so darned pretty and light.... ah... 17 pounds.... I could carry this all day... (Not realy but it sure is nice.)
  13. Can anyone explain to me, how can it be, that the xti 4000 has much more power then the MA1200 and it cannot compare to it? 3992[/snapback] the XTi was designed for light duty. Bar bands, Small setups, etc. The MA was designed to be a work horse, Take Road Abuse, and hold up in heavy use better.