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  1. XTI4000

    I to have a (B)channel dropping out. xti 4000. can i get schermatics? mark
  2. running speakers in series Try this site Mark
  3. I own a CE 4000 and a XTI 4000. The CE 4000 show a better damping factor. They both work great on my subs. 1. Which would you use for subs? 2. Which would you use if you were going to run 2 pair of subs? (1 pair 18" JBL SR 47??,s and 1 pair Dual 15" JBL SR47??,s) (I usually run seperate amps on each pair of subs) thanks Mark
  4. Dglass, I did the diagnostic mode. My fan works. It doesn't run at idle. I assume the fan kicks on when the amp warms up. I plan to install my amp next week. Mark
  5. My fans don't run either.What should I do? I haven't used the amp yet exept to hook up in my garage. I'm sure I could plug them in if that's the problem. Mark
  6. no usb wire

    So what is the size,type style, ?? of the connection at the amp. So I know what to buy?
  7. My xti 4000 did not come with a usb wire. what is the exact name of the wire so I can go buy one? Mark
  8. Bananna plugs on XTi amps.

    I just opened mine today out of the box. That's a good question. How does that work? Mark
  9. XTI2000

    I have to wait till the midle of July to get my xti 4000. (It will outdated before I get it. LOL) Patiently waiting.............. Mark
  10. xti 4000 vs ce 4000

    "The Xti4000 lists for $1591.00. The CE4000 list price is $2079.00." This is why I'm wondering - $488 less - I need at least the Quality of the Ce 4000. I'll buy if it's equal quality. (When is the new software coming out?)
  11. XTi Hi-pass & Lo-pass

    Software via usb? Will the software challenged be able to figured it out?
  12. Sell me one over the other. Iv'e read the specs on both, they have nice features. I own a ce 4000. I need another amp. I will not settle for any less quality than the ce 4000. ( I know Crown is quality, Iv'e owned them for 14 years. This will be my 5th one) desicions desicions which one to buy??????????? ps... there's not many CE 4000's left.....
  13. Xti vs XS

    So is the XTi series is replacing the CE series? Why is the xti series lighter that the ce ceries? interesting topic..