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  1. CE1000 Mechanical Hum Problem

    Saw that. Issue is that it hums whether it is in the rack, out of the rack sitting on soft carpet, or if I hold it in my hands. Definitely a pretty hefty transformer hum. It is exacerbated by being mounted in the rack (tightly), but still there none the less. I have other amps in the rack and they don't hum anywhere near this extent.
  2. I have a CE-1000 that is just about brand new.I put it in my equipment rack intending to use it as a rear surround channel (it is in a very large home cinema system) and it has a very loud mechanical transformer hum. There is no hum from the speakers, this is strictly a mechanical transformer hum. Any easy way to fix this? It is annoyingly loud. The amp is on a 20 amp line that is steady at between 118 and 120 volts.
  3. XTi Butterworth?

    Hmmm...and I thought the Butterworth filter was there to give the amp a sort of...SYRUPY sound. Sorry...couldn't resist.
  4. I have the opportunity to buy some PS400 amps that are supposedly not functional. They are cheap so the question is...can they be serviced and if serviced and brought up to spec...would they be worth the cost? They would be used in a home theater.
  5. Crown/Techron 7560 as Subwoofer amp?

    Thanks for the info! I think I'll stick with a more known quantity. Appreciate it!
  6. I've been offered a Crown/Tecron 7560 amp for a reasonable price and don't have any experience with them. Anybody ever tried one of these as a subwoofer amp? They are seriously industrial looking pieces of gear. This would be for a home theater setup so the fact it it huge and weighs 95 lbs doesn't matter...just wanting to know if it would work well. I also have the opportunity to pick up a few of the M600 amps...any impressions on them?