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  1. So I noticed the other day that beside the channel 1 and channel 2 icons there are icons the look like they say 70V. I looked through the manual for the amps and couldn't find anything about this. I'm just wondering what that means and what would make them be displayed. Does anyone know?
  2. Xti Trouble With Channel 2

    I have had a few problems that seem to be similar to this. I have six XTi 4000 amps, two set up for main full-range and the other four bridged for subs. Both of the amps used for full range have had problems with cutting in and out... one is channel 1 and the other amp is channel 2. Both of those, it seems, is related to the level control knobs. When it cuts out, if you tap on the knob it will come back and it seems that the vibration of the bass will cause it to come and go. That tells me that there's a lose connection on the circuit board somewhere. Just a hunch from my electronic engineering degree. Yet a third amp, one used for subs, has a problem of completely going out and it seems that only turning it off and back on fixes the problem. I'm not sure what the problem is or what will be done about it at the time. I'm running sound for a camp and the audio equipment belongs to the company that runs the camps, so getting them fixed will be up to them... I just wanted to let people know that half of my amps have this problem. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, I realize that these amps are new and despite a company's best efforts, a new product is bound to have some problems come up somewhere. Crown seems to be excelent about handling things like this so I'm sure they'll handle this well. I just wanted to let everyone know about the problems I've run into.
  3. It is true that the settings made from the front pannel cannot be saved in the amp... only those settings that were in use when powered down are remembered by the amp. To make custom settings, the HiQnet software is required. When the software is released you will download the latest version of System Architect and the firmware update for the amp. The first time you connect the amp to your computer, you must update the firmware on the amp (it connects via USB). From then on, all firmware updates released by Crown will be installed through System Architect. Through System Architect you can make custom presets which can be loaded onto the amp itself and then selected via the front pannel, you can also make live changes when connected to the amp and also save as many custom settings as you want as files on your computer. I think there are something like 10 (maybe more) custom presets in which you can save your settings on the amp using System Architect and even name them accordingly. I hope this helps you a bit.
  4. XTi Firmware

    Yes. I have been running 6 of the 4000 amps all summer wishing I could modify them the way I want them. Maybe I'll get the software before it's all over. I'm running sound for a camp and we pack up the 30th.
  5. XTi amps in System Architect...

    I just had a thought, since I check the site about every two days. Why don't they put up a link where you can submit your email address so that the moment the software is released, you'll get an email? Just put it right below the message on the amp's page that tells us July 2006. Just a thought.
  6. XTi series amps

    Okay, so where did you find it? I'm looking right now and can't find it.