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  1. This is ridiculous!

    So, are we still on track to have the XTi software released by July 1st?? It is imperative that I get this app asap... I have an install that is complete and I need to tune the system. I have full frequency going to my top cabs and I can't resolve the issue without filtering; which I can't do without the software. Please let us know if we can count on you guys to release this on time. Kind regards, -Lex
  2. XTI EQ Function

    I just got my speakers delivered from the manufacturer today, so i finished wiring up my install and cranked on the XTi 4000 for the first time. So I noticed that I only the have the option to put the EQ function ON or OFF, no ability to select frequencies and tune. Is there any other way to set filter / eq points in the unit, without using the X-OVER function, until the software is released? Any help is appreciated.
  3. This is ridiculous!

    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to respond with the details. I do understand how implementing a protocol via USB can be a roadblock and this helps me to better understand what kind of compatability issues you face. Ultimately though, this doesn't make me feel much better about the fact that this wasn't all handled in R&D. Typically that is how companies make an effort to make sure most issues are addressed before they release a product. I would have expected that the XTi series would be released with a version of the software and then updates available via your website. This is not the case, and I guess I have no choice but to wait. Out of respect for your client base, I would strongly advise addressing these sort of issues before releasing products into the market with future items. Regards, -Lex
  4. This is ridiculous!

    I'm glad you guys made that change on the website. You may save someone else a great deal of time with that minor adjustment. So, I assume from your response we should not expect the software before the end of June? I can respect the fact that you don't want to release a buggy program, but how difficult can it be to create this code. You have done this before with your I-Tech series, etc... Obviously you already have a GUI interface designed for the XTi series since there are screenshots included in the help menu of System Architect. Is there some major road block to finishing the code?? Help me understand why such a long hold up, please!!!
  5. This is ridiculous!

    I would like to express my deep disappointment with the way Crown has handled the release of the XTi series software, either the stand alone application they have touted or an update for HiQnet. The fact that the company released the product into the market without having this complete first, is beyond me. In addition, it is heavily advertised on the website and on all packaging that the amplifier has DSP that is accessible via USB / Software. Features are described that cannot be accessed from the front panel display. For the permanent install that I need to complete, I would like to set the amplifiers DSP and lock the front panel, so no DJ or employee can disturb the settings. The company should realize that people who are purchasing this amp are expecting software to be included in the box. When they don't find it there, they have to spend time navigating the website to find links to HiQnet, register to download it, install the program, only to find out that it is not functional for the XTi series. After wasting all that time, I then had to locate the Crown forums, register for use, then discuss the fact that the software is not available. My time is valuable and I feel Crown has wasted my time and misled me. CROWN SHOULD MAKE AN EFFORT TO INFORM THE CONSUMER THAT THE SOFTWARE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE, PARTICULARLY ON THE WEBSITE WHERE THIS IS A SIMPLE HTML UPDATE. I think the XTi is a great product that deserves the support Crown has always put forth. In addition, employees for Crown have posted on this forum saying the software was originally going to be ready at the end of May. That did not happen. Now the answer is SOON!!! That is deeply disturbing to me since I have no point of time that I can expect what I paid for. Crown, please get your act together and give us what you promised with this product!!!
  6. XTi System Architech

    You know, the funny thing is that the latest install of System Architect actually has screen shots in the help guide for the xti paramaters, but obviously it's not included in the software anywhere. Go figure? Crown, any word on release for the proper software? Please respond with good or bad news, that way we don't have to harrass you.
  7. XTi System Architech

    In one of the previous posts you will see that Andy Flint from our marketing department said it would be the end of the month. There is supposed to be two options the fist is a scaled back version of the SA software for just the Xti/Cdi and Dsi amplifiers and the other is the SA software. 3336[/snapback] I recently purchased 3 xti series amps, two 1000's and one 4000. It's now the 30th, are you on track to have this release by tomorrow? It would be a great help to have visual access to eq / filter settings. Your response is appreciated.