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  1. Xti Question?

    I've got a question about one of my Xti amps. I have a Xti 1000 that I run in bridge mono mode all the time to power up two 18" subwoofers (EV's) anyways, I noticed that both lights on both channels were lighting up when I only had one XLR cable going to channel 1. Is this normal??? I've used it before in bridge mono, I guess maybe I just didn't notice it. Any idea what's going on?? Don't get me wrong these amps work just fine, awesome in fact, the only thing is that it kinda freaked me out. Thanks.
  2. bridged mono mode

    You know......those little things inside the banana plug holes can be easily removed with a small screw driver. That way you don't have to connect it from the the way i had never seen that before, I didn't even know that you could connect it that way.
  3. amps

    Three letters man......XTI
  4. I asked the very same question before....maybe you should read the other posts before you ask a question you might find your answer already well.........answered.
  5. After the software is released, will the Xti's keep the same settings as before, when turned off and on? or will it reset to the original settings? I just wouldn't like to be carrying around my laptop to every gig. thanks.
  6. XTi Firmware

    I hope that Crown can get the software for the Xti's sometime before the end of this month, as i have a gig at the end of the month (the site says july 2006) and would really like to have the software by then.
  7. Another XTi Question..

    ........................ thanks
  8. So as I stated before, Im kinda new at all this so I'll be straight and to the point. What is this butterworth filter?? I believe there is another one called something Riley? What do all these terms mean?? Does anyone know what these filters are used for?? Thanks.
  9. Xti Delay?

    I noticed that on the Help Menu for the System Architect software, the Xti is included. So anyways I started reading to get an idea of the software before it came and noticed that the Xti amps have a delay feature. I saw it before on the site and just wanted to know exactly what's it used for??? It saw on the Help Menu that it has a built in calculator or something like that to determine the amount of delay. What is that used for?? What does it do to your overall sound?? I'm pretty new at all this PA stuff so any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I was just wondering, when the System Architect program comes out, if we'll be able to modify the DSP screen. For example, when the amplifier is turned on, it reads crown. Is there any way that we'll be able to change it, like putting the band's name or the owner's name on the screen? I think it would be a cool feature. thanks.
  11. XTi Question?

    Hello Everybody! I'm new to the forum. I recently bought an Xti 2000, an Xti 1000, and am currently using the 2000 for subs and the 1000 for mains. (I don't play too loud) but would just like to know if I will be able to run both the 2000 and the 1000 on the same program, on the same computer, at the same time. Another thing.....I read on the manual that the Xti's have an internal crossover but will run channel 1 on lows and channel 2 on highs. Is there any way that I can run highs only on the 1000 and lows only on the 2000 without using a separate crossover??? One more thing.....The Xti's I bought came with no usb cable for the HiQnet connection do I need a special cable or just any usb cable that will fit the connection??? I appreciate the help...Thanks.