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  1. Ultra-Tech 1010

    Since we have two identical (amp) models, we switched the input modules and to our ears, we could replicate the sound degradation of each amp, to the other. I have two CE2000's, I think the input modules are the same as the UltraTech's. Are they compatible to the UltraTech's and could I run a test with that module?
  2. Ultra-Tech 1010

    What about repair, if necessary. Will I need to find a receipt. That might be tough. I know the amp is less than three years old. What's your advice?
  3. Ultra-Tech 1010

    We are experiencing a significant volume loss in channel 2. We normally run the amp in stereo. We switched to bridge mode and the output for both channels is equal so we're guessing the input for channel 2 is damaged or something. We own two of these units and fear that we may have the same problem in the second unit, but to a lesser degree. Any thoughts for troubleshooting?