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  1. IT6000 vs 5002VLZ

    The MA 5002vz actually operates on 120v circuitry all of the time...the options are either on a 20 amp edison plug or on a 30 amp twist lock. Well, at least that is the way mine is configured. I'm thinking about getting an IT to replace the MA though. I am getting tired of looking for power distro and twist lock plugs with 30 amp capabilities. The drummer in my band uses an IT-8000 to power the subs and we have gotten much more power off of that amp with a 20 amp circuit than we ever would have gotten with my MA5002. Also, I'm getting tired of carrying around a flight amp rack with an MT1200, MA2400, and MA5002. Also, the IT's can be controlled with a computer. That means no more trouble with a crossover at the FOH rack. Everyhing can be set digitally. It's beautiful. Robert
  2. I know that the Crown MA 5002vz requires much more power than the 120volt standard wall outlet can provide. I try my best to ignore the need of a huge power distro to power my amps up, if possible. I believe I am having a powering problem; I am figuring that by the clipping sound coming from the amp (5002vz). It doesn't happen at all venues, just some. (At some of these venues) When the low end hits (not even that hard) the amp makes the standard clipping "wolf" sound, but the red light for the load limit does not glow. It is still green. I am figuring that it is a powering issue...or a lack of power in the venue. I have always powered the amp off of a standard wall outlet (120v). It just varies from venue to venue. What's the problem...Could it be the lack of power from some venues? Thanks, Robert
  3. microtech 2400 clipping

    Listen for the audible clipping, that's how I figured it out. I just hooked the amp (MT 1200) up to a couple of the Cerwin Vega Earthquake 18" subs, set the amp's gain to max, and adjusted the crossover to the amplifier's audible clipping noise. From there I set the limiter on my system according to the amp's clipping. R. Coler Houston, Tx