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  1. Modifying CM-311AE

    Ok, thank you.
  2. Modifying CM-311AE

    Thanks MChapman for the info. I understand that Crown does not do any custom headsets and that Crown has no resposiblility for me attempting to modify my own. I am just looking for some advice on how to do this myself. I think my main problem is how can I attach a new headband to the existing boom ( which is a little too long)?
  3. ---Edit--- I embarked on modifying the headset, and pleasantly, it worked out. I started out by removing all of the Headset hardware to get the microphone boom by itself. Then I bought a thin grade, but sturdy, metal rod from Home Depot ($2). I cut this in half, and bent the metal to fit my head. It was a little tough, but pliers and patience went a long way. My new headband goes over both ears and is much more sturdy than the manufacturer supplied headband. Next I bent the boom inward to be closer to my face (but not much). While the headband was on my head, I roughly and temporarily taped the Crown boom to the headset over-the-ear extension to make sure that then mic fell on my mouth correctly. Next, I needed to either cut or bend the extra boom material. This part was a little scary (there was no turning back). I decided bending was a better option and would provide for a sturdier result. I did this slowly, and taped the boom to the headband more and more as I shaped the boom to match the headband near and over the right ear. Once the entire boom was shaped, I removed the tape and attached the mic to the headband. I put a little blue tape on the CM311AE boom so that the original black finish wouldn’t get damaged just in case I wanted to make further adjustments. Then I used black electrical tape and wrapped it around the boom and the headband to attach the two. That’s what it looks like on other artists, so I tried it. It worked out great. I planned on using black vinyl dip, but I thought it looked fine. Taping it tightly looked clean and was functional. The CM311 is great to start out with, and now it’s perfect for me. I cost less than 5 bucks to execute, so I am really happy. Thanks for the suggestions. ----------------------- Hi, I have a CM-311 AE with a Shure wireless system. I want to modify the headset so it is like the over-the-ear style you see a lot of artists using these days. It seems like it would be a little more comfortable while moving and quicker to take off and put on. Also, my in-ears wouldn't get tangled quite as much. I am wondering what the best way to do this is. I can get everything off of the boom, but I am not sure what to do next. My main questions are… 1. How can I safely bend or shorten the boom? 2. What do I make the headband out of? 3. What kind of tape do I use? (Electrical) 4. Any steps, tips or tricks? Here are two examples of what I am talking about… Thanks for the help.