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  1. SRX718s & IT8000

    Can you use System Architect 2.0 with Itech Seires? I thought that it only worked with XTI amps. If it owrks, can you use it to load speaker tunings that are designed for XTI to Itech?
  2. I did some trouble shooting. It turned out that the channel that was clipping was a bad channel and I have to send the unit for service.
  3. I just purchased 2 Itech-4000 amps. I use one to power 2 QRX 218 @ 1200W @ 4 Ohms and the other to power 2 Yorkville U215 tops 1600W @ 4 Ohms. I have clip eliminator set to ON on both amps and have limited the average power on both to 1200W (Subs) and 1600W (Tops). 1) I noticed that as soon as I try to get some loudness out of my speakers, both amps start clipping. Which forces me to turn the gains down. These amps should be pwerfull amps and shoud not be clipping that easily. My mixer out signal is clean and not clipping and as far as the speakers I know that they can produce a much louder sound than what I am getting out of them. Does this have to do with the fact that these amps are B-Stock amps and are not as good performars as the new ones? Could be bad electricity? I dont know! 2) Last night I was using my I-Tech-4000 to power 2 EV QRX218 subs in stereo mode. One of the channels all of a sudden gave a a continous clip light. and there was nosound coming out of the sub associated with the channel. I was not playing loud at all. Can someone help me understand what happened there. Thanks you.
  4. Can someone explain what is the purpose of the clip eliminator option in the ITECH amps? It obviously prevents the amp from clipping. But, how does it do that? What are a the advantages and disadvantages of turning this option on. There has to be a downside otherwise it would have been turned on by default. Right? Thanks
  5. System setup

    Hmmm, I never thought about doing it this way. I can try doing it that way. I think my crossover can support 3-way I can check on that. but to be honest with you this solution sounds a little complicated to me. I do like simplicity. Also, running in stereo makes my keyboards sound a little better. I was able to log into the ITECH amplifiers and run the IQ software on them. But I was overwelmed by all the information there and did not want to do too much trial and error. Thanks for the help.
  6. System setup

    Do you know anyone who can do this in the San Diego area?
  7. Hello everyone, I need your help. I play in a band where we play Middle Eastern music (no drummer, we use keyboard drum beats, keyboard solos, 4 vocal microphones and electrical pads for percussion). I am having some difficulty getting a clean and powerful sound out of my system. Basically what I am looking to have is a clean sound especially the drum kick I want it to be tight and full sounding. We do not use an EQ or a compressor. I use the mixer’s internal effects and apply it only to vocals. Here is what we have. 1 Crown ITECH-6000 running in Stereo powering 2 JBL SRX 725 (2 15” & 1 Horn) 1 Crown ITECH-4000 running in Stereo powering 2 JBL SRX 718 (1 18” woofer) Allen & Heath analog 16 channel mixer. I am connecting the main output of the mixer to a stereo crossover, then connecting the low output of the crossover to the ITECH-4000 and the High output of the crossover to the ITECH-6000. Currently my system sound like this: The kick on the subs is not tight and is long (It sounds like I have some reverb on it which I don’t).I don’t know how to describe it but it has a wooow sound after the initial kick punch. The main speakers have some distortion in them and are not too clear. Any recommendations? Do I need the crossover at all? Are there any amp setups I need to do? I know that my amp have more than enough wattage to support the JBLs so it is not a matter of more amp power. I was thinking of taking the main out put and sending it to the main JBL 725 speakers (L & R) and then taking send the kick drum and bass guitar to some one of the sub outputs and then to the crossover then to my ITECH-4000 connected to my 2 JBL 718 subwoofers. Would that work better? I have seen other bands with very similar setups but with much better sound quality. HELP ME PLEASE. Thanks.
  8. Hello, Can someone help me with setting up/optimizing my ITECH-6000 AMP to work with 2 EAW LA 325 speakers ( One speaker on each side )?
  9. Can someone please explain to what is the effect of changing the sensitivity setup on my K2 Amplifier. I think I have 2 options 1.4v or 2.8Hz. Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone, I need some help here, I have 2 IT-6000 Amps in my system. I am running both in stereo mode. The first one is powering 2 JBL SRX 725 Speackers ( 1 on Each side) the other Amp is powering 2 SRX 718 SUBs (1 on each side). First Question:Where can I find DSP pre setups for these speakers. I looked everywhere but could not find them. Can someone tell me how to setup my amps to get the best results and protect my speakers? Second Question: I am thinking about buying 2 more SRX 725 speakers. would my IT-6000 be able to support the four SRX 725 (2 on each side)? What is the down side?