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  1. XLS 402 Clipping easyly at 0db

    So, my mixer output is 1.25 volts, and the input of the 402 is 1.023. Is there a posible way to drop the voltage of my mixer with a piece of equipment inline? I was looking at a DriveRack PA, which is very nice.
  2. XLS 402 Clipping easyly at 0db

    Thank you both. It is time for some troubleshooting teh equipment.
  3. XLS 402 Clipping easyly at 0db

    The voltage shouldn't matter, i don't. As long as I'm sending the my highest part of the signal is 0dB to the amp. It also might be a problem with my mixer, maybe. I made sure the master fader was not all teh way up, the channel fader was set to 0 and adjusted the naster fader to send a 0dB signal. It is still clipping. It also says I might be able to insert a compressor/limiter, which is what I might end up doing, to prevent clipping.
  4. XLS 402 Clipping easyly at 0db

    Yeah i saw that PDF and read it all. I think Ill have to experiment a few times. Thanks. 3390[/snapback]
  5. Hi, I have the XLS 402 and I am haiving problems with clipping. I am sending a 0dB signal to the amplifier and around 3 o'oclock on the amplifiers gain knobs (about 75% turned up), the amp clips. I wouldn't think that it should clip then or at all when a 0dB signal is being sent. Please help, thank you in advanced. DJ Phantom David Lenharr Professional DJ Service